Easy Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Office


From fighting coronavirus to flu like symptoms these simple easy spring cleanings tips for your office will help keep a clean and sanitized environment for clients when conducting business. Walking into a clean and sanitized office environment should feel refreshing and deliberating, compared to as a second home. Nothing brings more peace than a clean, sanitized office space and comfortable satisfied customers. As you know, there’s only so much space in an office that can be actively touched, these areas should be clean and touched daily, as followed directly from the CDC for a more prestigious result.

Writing tools

The employee uses it daily, the employees customers use it daily & when better off prepared than most, they let their buddies borrow it & use it. The most essential tool in an office space and definitely the most passed around in all work environments. If you’re working for a billion dollar company that could afford exchanging pens and pencils, take advantage of it every now-and-then. According to the CDC, there are a list of certain safety precautions you should be following but we’ll keep it short and simple. Start by throwing on a pair of disposable gloves. Then by using a rag and some disinfecting cleaning solution scrub object multiple times for proper more effective cleaning.


You might not think of it right off the bat, but flooring needs to be sanitized and disinfected too.  Read these essential floor cleaning tips to learn some awesome tidbits on how exactly to clean and sanitize flooring in both the home or office.

Keeping your flooring sanitized will prevent office flu from spreading like the plague too.  It’s an easy thing you can do to ensure your space is well maintained.

Desk & Chairs 

It’s the first thing anyone spots and reaches out to use in your office, every single person who has entered an office with a desk and a chair has touched its surface at least once. Day after day, customers hold full on conversations in an office space seeking legal advice for a resolution they’re trying to resolve. Didn’t think about an employee’s daily delicious dish after a nice long lunch break?  To simply clean desk tops and chairs, start by scrubbing soap and water around the most affected areas that have come across human contact. Then, with a clean rag use your preferable local disinfecting cleaning solution to wipe away all the nasty gunk for noticeable results.

Phone & Computer

Although an employee is the only one using and has direct contact to these objects, keeping these clean and sanitized will help prevent picking up germs left from under looked areas. Every now and then, clients call or e-mail a satisfied employee eager enough to answer any customers questions. The human body can produce undeniably substantial amounts of bacteria such as when saliva and  human contact is directly exposed to the phone. Cleaning and handling technology is quite different though since it’s sensitive & can easily become damaged.  Simply start by using soap and water on one side of a clean rag to scrub away any gunk on surfaces unless it’s water sensitive (E.g. LCD Screen). Then, on the clean side of the rag apply enough disinfecting of your preference to clean any germs you have missed out on.


An office should definitely feel as refreshing and as clean as a second home, having such an environment would light up and bloom the office space mentally. Properly disinfecting desktops and chairs will help prevent the current customer and the next, temporarily remain sanitized from unwanted germs. Although an employee is directly touching the computer and office phone, saliva & human contact exposure should be disinfected to help prevent diseases. Exchanging olds pens and pencils for new ones  . By following these easy spring cleaning tips for your office you’ll be way cleaner than Mr. Clean.