Upgrading Your Home this Summer – Our Top Considerations


With summer soon upon us and lockdown restrictions ever changing across the world, now is the time to get thinking about home improvement. With more people at home more than ever before, a lot of people have more money from saving up, and time to focus on their home. Summer is also the perfect time to prepare for and get your home up to scratch ready for garden parties (when permitted) and just spending time there yourself and enjoying the warm weather.

Whether you live in the UK, the USA or somewhere else, our recommendations can be applied to all types of homes and properties, provided you own it, and we hope you make use of them!

General Maintenance

A tidy up and clearance of your home and garden can make all the difference. Start by going through each and every room in your house and make different piles for items that you want to keep, items that you want to bin and items that you want to donate to charity as you will likely find some useful donations in the mix.

Once the house is up together it’s time to look at the garden and in most gardens that don’t have regular maintenance you will usually find plenty of tasks to keep you busy! From planting new shrubs and flowers to removing weeds and clearing up debris, keeping your garden in top condition all year round will save you time in the long-run.


You may want to consider hiring someone to sort out your roof, if you aren’t up for DIY and want a trusted expert, you will want to consider a roofing company in Wiltshire. Most homeowners will only look at roof maintenance when something goes wrong like a leak but it’s important to review this regularly. Regardless of roofing problems, you will want to ensure the gutters are cleaned and inspected for any damage.

If you’ve got an issue with your roof, it could cause more problems than it’s worth!

New Furniture

Old furniture can ruin the entire look of a room or garden if it’s not looked after and replaced after many years. The key furniture pieces to consider would be sofas, chairs, tables and decorative pieces. Modern furniture which better represents the way you want your room to look can transform the entire look and feel. If your current furniture is doom and gloom, consider brighter colours and pallets.

Hot Tub & Decking

If your garden has a large patch of grass or you have a lot of room generally in your garden, a hot tub added with lovely wooden decking can really spruce up your garden and make a great impression to guests. It’s also a great way to kick back and relax, and not just in summer either, in fact hot tubs are even more popular during the winter months!

If a hot tub isn’t up your street then decking could still be a good option. Decking is often much easier to maintain and only requires weekly sweeping, application of decking cleaner and a quick jet wash. As long as you stay on top of this, your decking will last for many years to come!


If this is within your budget, an extension could be a worthy investment. Not only does it add an extra room or feature, it will almost always increase the value of your home as well. The most common extensions are usually an extra bedroom or conservatory, but there are many different extensions you could consider.

Above all, enjoy your living space and make the most of it!