First Look About A/C Repair Metairie, LA!


Most people turn on their air conditioner to make them comfortable during the warm summer. The hot air can even make people sick. Sometimes you may even feel warm air coming out from the air conditioner. It is an alarming sign for some repairs in the air conditioning unit. Hire a service provider for A/C repair Metairie LA, they will help you to find the problem and fix it. Some reasons which make the air conditioner blow warm air can be identified and fixed on your own. In this article let us discuss some of the common reasons for warm air from the air conditioner and also simple solutions to solve it.

Problems in the thermostat of the air conditioner:

If the cooling unit is blowing warm then one of the main problems is the thermostat. Once you notice warm air then immediately restart the thermostat. If you are using a programmable thermostat then check the settings. Even after that if you are feeling warm air from the air conditioner then call the technician for air conditioning repair Metairie LA. The technician will diagnose the problem and change the thermostat if needed.

Low refrigerant level:

One of the essential parts of the air conditioning unit is the refrigerant. The main work of the refrigerant is to remove heat and blow crisp and cool air. The condenser will not cool the air if the refrigerant level is low. It is one of the reasons for warm air from the cooling system. The refrigerant level reduces if there is any malfunctioning or leakage in the system. If the refrigerant level is very low then you can notice ice formation on the condenser. Since the refrigerant is toxic, any issues related to the refrigerant must be handled only by the trained service providers. The refrigerant level will be checked during the maintenance service so regular AC services Metairie LA will help you to avoid low refrigerant problems in the middle of the summer.

Clogged evaporator coil:

If the air filter is not cleaned or changed regularly then the dirt entering the air conditioner through the air will clog the air filter and also the evaporator coil which is near the air filter. The role of the evaporator coil is to remove the heat from the indoor air. If the evaporator coil is clogged then there will be a delay in the airflow. The block in the evaporator coil will make the air conditioner blow warm air instead of cool air.

Power problems:

For proper working of the air conditioner in needs a lot of power. Malfunctioning of the circuit may cause the cooling system to blow warm air. If the power demand is more in the air conditioner, then the circuit breaker will automatically turn off. In this situation, you just need to turn off and turn on again the circuit breaker. If it repeats for more than one time then it is a major electrical problem, it can only be solved by skilled HVAC technicians.

Clogged condenser coil:

The warm air coming from the indoor unit will be released into the environment by the condenser coil which is located in the outdoor unit. The outer surface of the condenser coil is strong to protect it from outer damages but the interior of the coils are sensitive and can be easily blocked or damaged by dirt and debris. The blockage in the condenser coil will make the air conditioner blow warm air. If you feel that the condenser coil is blocked then turn off the cooling system and inspect them visually.

If you find large debris then you can remove it on your own and turn on the air conditioner but if there are more small debris then it is difficult to remove it on your own since it requires thorough and deep cleaning. Contact the service providers for removing the blockage in the condenser coil. Condenser coils are cleaned during the regular maintenance service. So, by scheduling regular maintenance service for the air conditioner you can prevent the sudden breakdown of the system because of the blockage in the condenser coil.

If you are not able to find the exact reason then hire a service provider like Comfort Masters to identify and solve the issues. Call (504) 800-8565 for more information.