Importance of AC Maintenance El Dorado Hills!


Have you ever noticed in the office that most employees become sick at the same time with the same symptoms? This is an alarming situation for the maintenance of the air conditioner. Once you notice this situation then you must immediately schedule AC maintenance El Dorado Hills. Most people refer to this situation as sick building syndrome. In this case, both the building and the people occupying the building get affected but the symptoms in the humans are not noticed earlier.

Sensitivity to odors, headache, fatigue, eye, throat, and nose irritation, difficulty in concentrating, nausea, cough, dizziness, and dry itchy skin are some of the common symptoms experienced by people. Mold growth, temperature variance, stuff air, musty odors, excess humidity, chemical odors, moisture issues are some of the symptoms noticed in the building.  Regular air Conditioning maintenance El Dorado Hills will help you to prevent the employees from this type of illness.

Sick building syndrome is a situation where the occupant of the building becomes sick but the specific cause of their sickness cannot be identified. In earlier days people were panicked because of this mysterious syndrome but now the experts have figured that the bad quality of indoor air is the main cause of the sick building syndrome. OSHA has reported that the poor maintenance of the HVAC systems is one of the main reasons for the poor indoor air quality. AC services El Dorado Hills includes cleaning of the air filters and other maintenance tasks. So, doing regular service will improve the quality of the indoor air. Now let us discuss the five different causes of the sick building syndrome and simple steps to the causes.

  • One of the important problems to be eliminated is the humid air. Excess humidity in the air will create many problems. Some of the problems caused by excess humidity in the office space are the growth of microorganisms which create illness in human beings and the acquisition of chemical pollution. Humidity problems in the workspace are often experienced due to the inefficient HVAC system. The continuous wear and tear reduces the performance of the air conditioner. At one point the air conditioner will become incapable of removing the excess moisture from the indoor air. Doing regular service is the only way to ensure the proper working condition of the air conditioner.
  • Another cause of the sick building syndrome is the spread of viruses, bacteria, mildew spores, and mold through the air conditioner. The accumulation of the contaminants in the air conditioner will be more in a high humidity environment and it will also spread the contaminants throughout the office area. During preventive maintenance, the service providers will inspect and clean the air conditioner to remove the contaminants.
  • VOCs and noxious chemicals are another main cause of the sick building syndrome. Some of the volatile organic compounds found in the work area are the formaldehyde from the building material, ozone from the copier machine, and other chemical cleaning products. Humidity increases these above-mentioned contaminant’s levels in the air. Preventive maintenance improves the level of airflow and reduces the level of contaminants by proper ventilation.
  • If the workspace is located in the busy city area then outside pollution like vehicle exhaust and ozone levels are also the reason for this issue. If the air conditioner in the workspace is not designed properly then there are chances of drawing outside pollution into the office area. Office located near an industrial area faces this problem frequently. Inspection done at the time of preventive maintenance will help you to identify this problem in the initial stage. The indoor air quality can be improved by changing the design of the air conditioner.
  • Poor ventilation of the workspace is related to all the causes of the illness. It allows the level of contaminants to increase in space. Poor air quality, VOC, bacteria, viruses, allergens, and humidity can be removed by a properly designed ventilation system. Dirty air filters and clogged ducts can also affect the ventilation of the building. Thus air conditioner maintenance service improves the ventilation and improves the quality of the air which makes the employees feel healthy and fresh. The AC maintenance plan which includes inspection and cleaning must be selected for better service.

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