Signs That Call Water Heater Repair Services Columbus Ohio!


Having a traditional type of water heater for many years, the average lifespan of the unit ranges from seven to ten years. After the end of its lifetime, the water heater may or may not work with proper maintenance, but can fall into many repair issues. Being one of the very commonly used types of the plumbing system, the water heater is more likely to require water heater repair services Columbus Ohio. The unit also does not fall into repair immediately, it shows many warning signs. Not understanding the signs causes the water heater to completely fail, requiring a new unit. Given below are the top three signs that depict your water heater failed.

No or less hot water: What is the optimum motto for installing a water heater? To provide sufficient hot water all through the home during cold climates. Then what if the hot water is not hot enough or not hot at all? That is where the trouble arises in a water heater. Having the traditional type of water heater makes use of a tank to store the water heated and to keep it warm. Having hard water in the place causes sediment development in the tank. This leads to a minimized space for hot water. And thus it becomes insufficient for the whole place.

Being located at the bottom of the tank, the sediments build up easily blocking the heat to be transferred for water. And also the water heaters that work with gas or electricity have to work harder than usual to heat the water with sediment development. The optimum temperature in the thermostat is never reached with such sediments causing no or very little hot water in the unit. It could also become frustrating in a place with many rooms and family members to be left out without hot water. To avoid such problems one can install a tankless water heater Columbus Ohio.

Water puddles around the tank: The water heaters are specially designed to slow down the process of corrosion with a steel metal coated with a thin glass lining inside. No matter what it is impossible to prevent corrosion completely. The thin glass lining will somehow seep some seepage into the steel coating from the tank. And thus even visible rusting can be seen all around the water heater and tank especially on the place where the tank was welded together. This is a serious sign indicating that the water heater is in trouble.

The last thing you could expect in a rusty water heater is water leaks. Though it is difficult to find the exact location of the leak due to many possible chances of many leaks. So if the water leaks are suspected from the bottom of the tank, then it could be a sign of a cracked tank. If you are sure of having a cracked tank, then it is time to get a new heater replaced at your home. Contact a reliable professional to get these done as quickly as possible.

Banging or clunking noise: Are you hearing noises like bumping during the nighttime? It could be a scary ghost or your water heater is in trouble. One very common sign depicted by any unit that requires a repair service is a noise. Having an excess sediment buildup in the tank again due to minerals forms a damp layer on the bottom of the tank. Due to the incapability of heating water and difficulty to operate properly is shown by many noises like crunching, thumping, rattling, and banging from the unit. These are the noises that depict the sediments drifting in the tank of the water heater as a warning sign.

How to get rid of such troubles? Though the unit has crossed its normal lifespan, one can have a good running unit with the best efficiency by scheduling a regular maintenance service. In a water heater maintenance service, the quality of the unit is increased. It also improves the safety features, precautions, ignitions controls, and other factors in a water heater are also checked and ensured for proper operation in a water heater maintenance service.

Thus make sure to schedule a regular inspection of the water heater every year. Call Ohio Water Heaters at 614-881-5439 to have the best water heater maintenance and services in Columbus, Ohio.