Troubleshooting Tips Before Best AC Repair in Peoria, AZ!


The role of air conditioners in our lives has made such a strong and important impact that it has taken the position of an inseparable part. It keeps us cool and comfortable, especially during the summer days. But what happens if the air conditioner breaks down? You would schedule to call the best AC repair in Peoria, AZ.

But before you rush to call the experts, you can do a few troubleshooting tricks which would make your air conditioner run just like before. So, let’s get started to fix the repaired AC.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Is Your Thermostat Set Properly – Many times, the homeowners rush to call the professionals for air conditioner repair, only to find that the thermostat was not set properly. If the thermostat is not rightly set, then the air conditioner will not function well. At times, because of the naughty toddlers or homeowners themselves, set the thermostat to the heat mode, making the air conditioner vent out hot air. And when the system has hot air coming out from it, we assume the air conditioner to be broken or repaired. So, before calling the air conditioning services Peoria, AZ, double-check the thermostat, whether it is set to the right temperature.

But if the thermostat is not functioning correctly, try changing the batteries. When there is low battery power in the thermostat, it will start malfunctioning and will not communicate well with the air conditioner.

  • Replace the Air Filter – The reason for improper airflow is a dirty filter. This in turn will stress the components of the system leading to repairs and parts failure. Keep note to change the air filter once a month for better and smooth AC function.
  • Check the Air Vents – See whether the vents and air ducts are clear from all kinds of obstructions. If they are clogged by dust and dirt, then there will not be smooth airflow. Try cleaning the vents and see for any difference. At times, because of the vermin or mold infestation, the air ducts will face the issue and prevent the system from functioning properly.
  • Check the Circuit Breaker – Check the circuit breaker whether it has tripped. Try resetting it, and if nothing seems to work, then getting professional help is the best option.

When to Call the AC Professionals?

The above are a few of the issues which you can try fixing yourself. However, few things require help none other than the experienced air conditioner experts.

  • Strange Noise – Is your air conditioner making strange noises like banging, clanking, clicking, hissing, or any other similar noises? If yes, then your system is going through serious trouble. This problem cannot be fixed on your own and require help from HVAC professionals.
  • Improperly Installed AC – If the air conditioner is not installed properly, it will start giving issues right from day one. There will be poor airflow or strange noise coming from the system. Also, there will be poor efficiency and the system may not perform well as it promised. You will be guaranteed high energy bills, and also may face repairs soon. Therefore, if you do not want to face any trouble with your new system, then call only the experienced experts of AC installation Peoria, AZ. Do not trust your expensive equipment in the hands of inexperienced and local technicians.
  • Issues with Outdoor Unit – When there is a problem with the outdoor unit, never even think about repairing it on your own. No matter how many tutorials and DIYs you have watched, you can never handle the complicated parts, as only the trained and able technician will be able to fix the issue.
  • Unusual Smell – If you smell burning the moment you turn on the air conditioner, then it can be because of the dust and dirt that is being burnt. It is nothing to worry about, as it will wade off in a few But if the burning or any other smell persists long, then switch off the system and allow the professionals to take care of the issue, before it causes other damages and repairs.

Anytime if you are facing air conditioner issues, be free to call the professionals of Morehart AC. They are the best technicians ready to assist all 24/7 in and around Peoria, AZ. Call 623-323-9865 for more information.