Importance of A/C Maintenance Framingham, MA!


The temperatures in Framingham, MA vary at unexpected rates and you should be prepared to tackle the blistering days. So, it is crucial to have a good functioning air conditioner. When AC maintenance is neglected because of busy life, you may have to experience a sudden breakdown. In most cases, when the AC is not maintained well, it will get expensive and complicated to repair. Before the start of summer, research and hire a professional and get the best A/C maintenance Framingham, MA. This way, you can enjoy vast benefits.

Regular maintenance of the air conditioner is the true and tested way to enhance the unit’s life. Also, it is the right method to obtain efficient and optimal performance from the cooling unit. When the AC operates efficiently, you can see savings in energy bills and enjoy comfort when you are in the indoor environment.

What is the role of condenser coils in the air conditioner?

Cooling units are similar to automobiles. They work hard continuously during the summer months. When you do not regularly care, the air conditioner loses its capacity and fails to cool the house. The condenser coil is an important component in the air conditioner. If it gets dirty, you can notice various issues affecting performance and even damage in the parts. Due to this, you may even have to call for AC emergency services Framingham, MA.

The condenser coils are located in the air conditioner’s outdoor unit. When the refrigerant eliminates heat from the house, it converts into gas. Later, it moves to the AC condenser coils. When the refrigerant gas transfers through the coils, the gas cools down and transforms into a liquid. Thus, it recirculates into the house to calm the air and eliminate the existing heat.

When the condenser coils become dirty during the refrigerant cooling procedure, the dirt from the outdoor environment would be absorbed by the cooling unit and start to accumulate on the coils. As the dirt formation develops, it becomes challenging for the cooling unit to perform. As a result, indoor comfort gets affected and electric bills increase. The system will require a lot of energy to maintain the requirement for the cooled air. When the condenser coil gets completely coated with dirt and dust, it fails to transform the hot refrigerant gas into liquid. Because of this, the system would fail to produce cool air though it is switched on. The compressor may overheat resulting in air conditioning repair Framingham, MA.

Are you wondering how to improve the air conditioner’s lifespan?

Before the start of the summer month, it is necessary to hire an expert and clean the condenser coils. It has to be cleaned and checked twice a year. If you have already booked for air conditioner tune-up, there is no need to plan separately for condenser cleaning. The AC tune-up experts will clean the condenser as part of the maintenance routine.

If you want to do additional maintenance to your air conditioner, you can perform your part by cleaning the outdoor area and keeping it free from debris, foliage, and dirt. When a technician arrives, request to clean the coils. The AC evaporator coils are situated in the indoor part. It has to be maintained free from grease, smoke and dust pulled out from the indoor air. It can easily enter into the air filter and accumulate on evaporator loops. When the reside forms, it starts to affect the system’s efficiency resulting in high energy utilization.

Ensure to buy and install the best quality air filter as per your budget. It helps in keeping the unit extremely clean mainly when there are pets in your house. Also, prepare your house for summer by planning AC tune-up and maintenance services.

Efficiency is important in the air conditioner. It helps in reducing energy expenses and offers real results along with changing indoor temperatures. Pro Comfort Control are well versed in A/C maintenance Framingham, MA. Call +1 508 684 5319 to schedule AC repairs or installations. The experts will be happy to assist you immediately and if needed help with emergency services. They have been offering comprehensive heating and cooling services for several years and knows how to deliver the best solutions for your requirements.