Simple Tips for Air Conditioner Maintenance Buffalo, NY!


Without a doubt, the air conditioner is the most vital appliance that you invest in for your house. They are our survivors in the hot days, keeping us cool and comfortable, especially when it is erupting lava outside. The air conditioner makes our home a welcoming place and keeps our loved ones safe and happy. We all know the importance of air conditioners in our lives, but not many know about air conditioner maintenance Buffalo, NY.

Homeowners often ignore or postpone the maintenance schedule, thinking they always have the time for it. But what will happen if the system gives off, and you are left to struggle with the scorching heat. The air conditioners which are not properly maintained will always be at high risks of sudden breakdowns and also cause high energy consumption, rewarding you with high bills.

This is why it is emphasized for regular and timely AC maintenance. If you do not want to get caught in these kinds of unfavoured situations, then prepare yourself to follow the basic AC maintenance tips mentioned below.

Simple AC Maintenance Tips

  • Clean the Air Filters – The air filter can be defined as the respiratory system of the air conditioner. It helps in stopping the dirt and dust particles from invading the living space. With time, the filter collects an excessive amount of dust and dirt, which must be cleaned to function efficiently. Since the air filter is one of the main parts of the air conditioner, if it is not well-taken care of, it will put a strain on the system, impacting the quality of the performance and efficiency. The filters must be regularly cleaned for a period of one to two months, for better and smooth operation.
  • Condenser Unit Must Be in Good Condition – The condenser unit must be in great condition as it is very important for the system’s smooth operation. It helps in cooling the refrigerant gas. If the condenser unit does not function properly, then there will be no cooling in the room. One of the common signs to detect condenser issues is the lookout for any unusual sound from the unit. It can probably be the condenser fan that is at fault. If this is the case, then call the AC maintenance services Buffalo, NY, to check for motor repair or fan blade cracks.
  • Get the Coils Cleaned – The coils of the air conditioner help the refrigerant to absorb the heat and cool the room. If these coils cover themselves with too much dust and dirt, then they will lose their efficiency and ability to heat and cool the room. This will, in turn, make the unit work harder to get the desired temperature, which will in the end be shown in the energy bills. These unfavoured situations can be easily avoided by simply cleaning the coils regularly. Be careful while cleaning the coils as they are very sharp. It is best recommended to leave the job to the professionals for better cleaning and safe work.
  • Inspect the Condensate Drain – The condensation in the air conditioner takes place because of the condensate drain. If clogging takes place in the condensate drain, then the drainage will be stopped. If you notice there is no proper water drainage, the schedule for AC service, for the longer you leave the problem, the bigger it will become.
  • Regular Professional Maintenance – Last but not least, regular professional maintenance is mandatory. It will prevent all kinds of expensive repairs and replacements. Besides, you will not have to feel guilty about running your air conditioner, for, in the end, you will not have to suffer from high bills. The experts during the routine maintenance process will check for repairs and will fix it immediately, saving from future costly repairs.

Therefore, always keep a note to schedule regular maintenance service, if you do not want to experience any sudden breakdowns and repairs. Regular maintenance from the experts will guarantee optimum operation and the efficiency of the system will also not be lost. If you want to keep your loved ones happy, cool, and comfortable, then schedule maintenance service from the trained and licensed experts of Smart Home Heating & Cooling. Call 716-219-0779 for more information.