Air Conditioner Repair Montgomery TX and Troubleshooting Tips!


The summer is finally here and you are ready to blast off with outdoor fun and all-night parties. You are fully prepared to throw a dashing party, but then your air conditioner suddenly gives off. What would you do in this worst situation? You of course would turn to the air conditioner repair Montgomery, TX. This indeed is the right move, however, you can try fixing the AC until the help arrives.

AC Repair and Its Repairing Tips

So what are the things you can do before you call the professionals for help? Take a peek below.

  • Check all the electrical panels for any blown fuse and tripped breaker. If the problem lies in the electrical panel, replace the fuse in case of a blown fuse or reset the breaker by switching it off and then on again. If there is continuous tripping, then it can be because of a short circuit in the capacitor, fan motor, or compressor. To solve this problem, contact the HVAC contractor or the technician.
  • Is your thermostat set to cool mode? The thermostat setting must be set at least 3-4 degrees lower than the room temperature. Many times, inmates accidentally set the thermostat to the wrong temperature setting, causing a disturbance.
  • If all the settings are right on the thermostat, then see whether it is running on low battery power. If not, then reset it again, and wait for a few minutes for all the temperatures to set in.
  • Check whether the furnace switch and the air handler cabinet are on. You will be amazed that many times, homeowners end up calling the professionals just to find that the furnace was never switched on in the first place. To save yourself from embarrassment and visit charge, see whether all the switches are on.
  • Often, the capacitor ends up being the main problem in the air conditioner. The capacitor finds its place in the compressor unit which plays the main role in starting the fan and the condenser. If the capacitor is at fault, then the outdoor unit will not run.

But how will one know which is at fault – the capacitor or the contactor?

If you are hearing a clicking sound followed by a buzz or a hum, then it is the motor fan that is creating the sound. It is trying to start without being boosted by the capacitor. This clearly indicates that the capacitor has failed. You can fix the issue temporarily by spinning the fan in the clockwise direction with the help of a long screwdriver or a stick. This is of course a temporary move as it will again fail to operate when the air conditioner starts again. Therefore, call the AC repair Montgomery, TX, and get the capacitor replaced at the earliest.

  • If there is a clicking sound on the compressor when it is turned on but there is no buzzing or humming, then the contractor is at fault and may need replacement.
  • If the air conditioner is running fine but there is no cold air, then see whether anything is limiting or blocking the airflow. Inspect the registers, air filters, and compressor for any blockage. If everything seems to be fine, then try cleaning or replacing the air filter, for it may have become insufficient because of dust and dirt buildup.
  • Since the compressor is placed outdoors, it is often ignored and unattended. With time, it accumulates loads of debris like leaves, dirt, grass clippings, dead insects, and so on. This is also the cause for poor air conditioner performance.

Switch off the system and remove all the dust and debris that has been collected in it. You can also use a garden hose to clean the dust particles off from the compressor. Take note that you do not use a powerful hose as it can damage the parts of the compressor.

The air conditioner repairs can be easily avoided by simply scheduling regular air conditioner maintenance and services. Regular maintenance not just avoids these sudden repairs and breakdowns, but also improves the system’s efficiency and life. Get in touch with the experts of Wrightway Comfort and give your air conditioner the best quality services. Call 346-202-5101 for more information.