Facts about Mattress Moulds You Must Know!


Have you been tackling mattress mould removal issues for a long time? Yet, these fungi keep showing up? The process to remove mould from mattress can be exhausting. Many a time, homeowners give up and continue sleeping on mouldy mattresses.

Moulds can cause allergies, discomfort, mattress damage, and release odor. Therefore, before you decide to sleep on the mouldy mattress, there are a few facts you must know.

Moulds Can Grow on Any Type of Mattress

To avoid the hassle to remove mould from mattresses and availing mattress mould removal services people get inclined at buying a certain type of mattresses. However, every kind of mattress can grow mould.

Moulds require humid conditions, warm temperatures, and porous spaces like foam for thriving. Furthermore, mattresses form the most ideal place for mould growth. Therefore, get mattress mould removal treatment regularly regardless of the mattress type you own.

Moulds Impose Severe Health Hazards

Performing mattress mould removal treatment sounds like a hassle to many. Thus, they prefer sleeping on mouldy mattresses. However, these moulded mattresses impose severe health risks to people suffering from respiratory diseases like asthma. You may experience sneezing, face difficulty in breathing, and other allergic reactions.

Some other symptoms include skin irritation, rashes, runny nose, sore eyes, and so on. These symptoms indicate it is high time to avail of mattress mould removal services.

Mattress Moulds Can Get Airborne

Mould spores can float in the air. When mattresses are beaten instead for performing mattress mould removal treatment, the mould spores get released into the air. These spores enter your body and trigger respiratory problems. Therefore, if you have been sleeping carelessly on mouldy mattresses, then you are probably putting your health at risk. Avoid being around a moulded mattress for your well-being. Give an attempt to DIY tips or seek professional assistance to remove mould from mattresses.

Moulds Spread like Wildfire

Once the moulds get visible on the mattresses, it is already too late. Moulds start spreading like wildfire in a suitable condition. Mattresses start growing mould in humid climates within just 24 to 48 hours.

The best way of getting rid of moulds from mattresses is by hiring professional mattress mould removal services. In worst cases, going for mattress replacement is the safest option.


Mattress mould removal is a tiring yet necessary process for keeping your valuable mattresses safe and hygienic. Rely on professional mattress mould removal services for expert solutions.

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