7 Simple Kitchen Ideas for a Beautiful Minimalist Home


Kitchen designs are constantly changing. While some of the kitchen designs reflect styling ideas of the past decade, some are inspired by modern-day pop culture. That’s why it is better to seek advice from industry experts who know all the recent trends in kitchen design.

Many industry experts suggest that smaller kitchens will be the top preference in the coming days. The motivation behind simple and minimalist kitchen designs is to consume less energy, which means environmental consciousness. Besides, there is a growing number of people who are interested in living in small and simple homes, which are cheaper to buy and easier to maintain.

If you are also interested in living a minimalist life, you should take some inspiration to build or renovate a simple kitchen for your small home.

1. Choose Functional yet Smaller Appliances 

The first rule of building a minimalist kitchen is choosing small tools and appliances that can save up spaces, and at the same time, serve all the needed purposes.

Every home-cook desires to maximize the counter space. But if your big-sized appliances take up most of the kitchen spaces, you will have a little space left for the countertop in your small kitchen.

That’s why it is best to go for multi-functional or smaller appliances or tools for the small kitchen. This way, you will not just add the air of simplicity to your kitchen but also free up valuable space on the countertops.

For example, change the burner gas stove with hob. There are various kinds of the hop you can find in the best hob in India. Or you also can choose an efficient microwave oven that is not always the biggest one you can find in the stores. You will always find some options that are smaller than usual but can get the job done pretty well. So, choosing those compact versions of the appliances will help you a lot to make your kitchen smaller and simpler.

2. Make Cutlery and Flatware Visible

Using the cabinet to keep the cutlery and flatware is a common practice. But if you keep them in the cabinet, you are not only making them invisible, but you are taking up valuable space from the limited cabinet space as well.

That’s why, if you have a minimalist home, you should display cutlery or silverware on the empty backsplash. Besides using a knife block, you can also use a magnetic knife rack or cute hooks to hold your knives.

You can make your flatware visible by using a large charcuterie board. These types of boards save space in your kitchen and make your kitchen look simple.

Many experts suggest that cutting and serving boards are a trend now. This type of board can be used to add architectural interest to the countertop. You can also hang them to break up your backsplash, helping decorate your kitchen. You can find different types of wooden and marble charcuterie boards in any kitchenware store.

3. Make a Practical Design for your Kitchen 

When you are designing your kitchen, you need to remember that practical features contribute the most towards a simple kitchen. For example, kitchen islands can incorporate simplicity and functionality. You should go for a simple countertop to maintain a minimalist look. You can find kitchen island from this site.

Most importantly, the three main components of the kitchen- sink, stove, and cabinets- should be equally simple and functional. You can find many versions of sinks and hob. But it will be best to go for the one that does the job well without utilizing a lot of space in your kitchen.

The same applies to the cabinets. You should also consider getting rid of the cabinet doors because cabinets without doors offer a simple look. At the same time, they offer the convenience of not having to open the doors every time you have to pick up something you need.

4. Go for a Simple yet Gorgeous All-White Kitchen 

You can give your kitchen a minimalistic look by painting it plain white. One unique benefit of painting your kitchen completely white is that it will never go out of style. Besides, an all-white design will make your kitchen look bigger.

It will also take less time to paint your minimalistic kitchen just white than to paint some complex patterns. Moreover, an all-white design can help to achieve smoothness in your small kitchen very easily.

5. Monochromatic Palette for a Minimalist Kitchen

The monochromatic palette is one of the most classic kitchen designs. A simple monochromatic black and white theme is one of the easiest ways to add a personality to your kitchen while giving it a minimalist look.

You can simply use some black patterns, such as black zigzags on a white counter or backsplash. This will help you add a touch of fun to a simple white kitchen.


To add a more pleasant look to your kitchen, you can incorporate white in other elements of the kitchen like curtains, rugs, countertops, and cabinet doors (if you choose cabinets with doors).

6. Choose Simple kitchen Tiles

It is important to choose the right type of tiles to give your kitchen a minimalistic look. To make your kitchen look simple, you should select kitchen tiles with uncomplicated patterns.

You can use subway tiles to give your kitchen a simple look. Though subway tiles are mostly white, these rectangular-shaped tiles can add elegance to your kitchen without making it look too flashy.

If you choose subtle designs for your kitchen tiles, it might downplay the kitchen’s aesthetics a bit. But it will make your kitchen look more functional and comfortable.

7. Put Some House Plants

You can put some houseplants with running leaves to create a fabulous yet minimalist look on the open kitchen shelves. This little touch of nature will not only provide sustainable home decoration. But the plants will also help to increase humidity in the kitchen and purify the air.

Some low-maintenance houseplants work pretty well in the kitchen. You can pick some houseplant for the kitchen from any of the following variants-

  • Aluminum Plant (Pilea Cadierei)
  • Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum)
  • Chinese Evergreens (Algaonema)
  • African Spear (Sansevieria Cylindrica)
  • English Ivy (Hedera Helix)
  • Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra Elatior)
  • Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Mille)
  • White Jasmine (Jasinum Polyanthum)


It is not too difficult to build a kitchen that looks elegant and serves all the purposes, right? I am sure, if you follow these simple tricks, you will be able to design a kitchen that blends perfectly with your minimalist lifestyle and gets all your chores done in a convenient manner.