3 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Tiny House


Everyone makes mistakes, but who wants to spend the time fixing them when they could be off on the next adventure? Tiny houses require proper planning and research; do it right the first time and you save yourself time and money that could be better spent elsewhere. Let’s take a look at 3 common mistakes that people make when building a tiny house.

  1. “I’m just going to wing it”

You’re going to what? Without proper planning and research, how can you trust that your tiny house will be both safe and sound? Before you get started, it’s important to make a list of the features that you want. You can always make changes as you go!

Something that a lot of tiny house communities forget to include in their design plans are headers above both the windows and doors. These gaps are particularly vulnerable areas of your tiny home and need proper reinforcement to be structurally sound. Without careful planning, your tiny house could end up costing you more in time and money than you anticipated. Take the time to do it right!

Source: Carpentry Pro Framer

  1. “I don’t need that”

Just because downsizing and affordable living go hand in hand, doesn’t mean cutting corners to save a buck is a good idea. While using reclaimed materials certainly saves money, it can also create issues with water resistance. Introducing moisture to reclaimed materials causes it to swell, making for a weaker structure. This isn’t to say you can’t use reclaimed materials at all, it just means that opening up your wallet for quality is always a good play.

Another aspect of the tiny house build where saving money isn’t always the best idea is when it comes to electricity, plumbing, or other areas that may require a professional. Sure, YouTube is helpful, but do you really want to risk spending time and money on something you’re not confident about? Keep in mind, electricity can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re a quick study or a DIY pro, then that is fantastic. However, knowing when to call in the experts to do a job could be worth the money by saving you lots of time!

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  1. “This trailer will work”

Will it? Repurposing an old RV or trailer can lead to more problems than you may anticipate. Simply put, many of these types of trailers are not built to handle the weight of a tiny house structure. If you consider contracting a professional, you can build a trailer that meets all of the correct specifications when it comes to height, weight, and width.

Some trailer aspects to consider:

  • Legal dimensions
  • Maximum weight capacity
  • Electric brakes
  • Dual or triple axels
  • Galvanized steel panels to seal underside
  • Mounting studs to bolt walls to the trailer

Source: Unsplash

The Takeaway

What it really comes down to is proper planning and knowing when an aspect of the tiny house build is worth the extra money. Taking the time to plan the build means you can anticipate more structural issues, as well as do research that will make the whole process (including choosing your trailer) a lot smoother. In terms of saving money, living tiny doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality. Knowing when to spend the extra money goes hand in hand with taking the time to plan your tiny house project. The time and the money that you put into it will hopefully bring you greater peace of mind, and allow you to build the tiny home of your dreams.

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