How to Clean a Persian Rug?

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Persian rugs are renowned for their vibrant colors, and unique patterns. Originating from then Iran, Persian rugs are highly valuable and most demanded traditional rug variants all across the globe. When you own a Persian rug, you become a proud owner of a valuable decorative item and must maintain its dignity by regular cleaning.

Thankfully, performing Persian rug cleaning Gold Coast isn’t too difficult. With the help of some DIY tips, you can successfully clean and maintain your Persian rugs at home. Additionally, regular rug cleaning at home comes with several benefits.  So, here in this article, we have listed down the most common questions asked about Persian rug cleaning.

Continue reading to find out the best ways of cleaning and maintaining a Persian rug:

1. How Often Should You Clean Persian Rugs? 

Persian rugs should be cleaned regularly, which is what we all have heard from experts. However, knowing about the right frequency of Perth rug cleaning is crucial. Frequent cleaning may weaken the threads of the rugs whereas the too low frequency of cleaning leads to dirt accumulation and gradual damage. So, what are the middle and the safe ground for Persian rug cleaning Gold Coast? 

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The best thing you should do about rug cleaning is performing DIY or hiring Perth rug cleaning experts when the rugs look needy. Persian rugs used at home require vacuum cleaning at least twice a month. The frequency must be increased in the case of rugs used in commercial space. For deep cleaning of the rugs, availing of professional rug cleaning services is essential at least once or twice a year.

So, if you are a proud owner of Persian rugs then you must remain in the middle ground for maintaining its cleanliness. For more information seek professional assistance! 

2. How to Treat Stains?

The rule of thumb for the treatment of stains is blotting the spill, as soon as it happens. Your valuable Persian rug can become a victim of greasy food, wine stains, urine, and whatnot. If these stains are not treated immediately, they start damaging your valuable rug with mould growth and odor.

For the treatment of rug stains, some DIY tips are usually helpful. All you need to do is gather supplies like white vinegar, liquid detergent, warm water, and clean cloth. Mix the detergent with vinegar and warm water and apply the solution to the stained area of the rug. Let the solution do its magic then rinse it off using a damp cloth.

In case the DIY disappoints you, just seek help from the best company of rug cleaning Gold Coast. Professional rug cleaners have better equipment and knowledge of removing different rug stains.

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3. How to Remove Odor from Rugs?

Nothing feels more discomforting than a stinking rug lying in your favorite corner. How does carpet release odor? There are several reasons and sources behind a stinking rug. Among the most common reasons lie dampness, food spills, urine stains, and mould growth.

Excessive moisture and lack of sunlight lead to mould infestation in the rugs. These mould release unpleasant smells, leave stains on your rugs, and slowly deteriorate the fibers.

For the elimination of odor from the carpets, you can try some effective DIY tips. Use some baking soda or talcum powder and sprinkle it on the rugs generously. Let the powder sit on the rugs for a few hours. Later, using a vacuum cleaner remove the powder from the rugs. This simple yet effective tip can add freshness to your stinking rugs.

4. How to Hand-wash Persian Rugs at Home?

The best alternative to professional Perth rug cleaning is hand washing of rugs at home. Hand washing of rugs ensures their safety. Now, how do we clean Persian rugs at home? Performing rug cleaning at home is easy, as you don’t require heavy machines for cleaning them. Just gather some mild detergent, a sponge, and water and get started.

  • Make a solution of detergent and water and apply it on the rug using a sponge.
  • Scrub the rug mildly and begin cleaning corners and edges. Cover the entire rug surface slowly.
  • Make sure to dip the sponge frequently.
  • Once you apply the solvent and scrub the entire rug, proceed with rinsing the rugs using clean water.
  • Make sure to remove detergent from the rugs, as it attracts dirt after drying.
  • Let the rugs dry completely before putting them back on the floor. Hanging the rugs is the best way of drying the rugs quickly.

5. How to Dry Persian Rugs?

Availing professional Perth rug cleaning doesn’t take a lot of time, but the rug drying process surely does. On average Persian rugs can even take more than a day in drying completely. So, how do we reduce the overall drying time?

We often find ourselves in a dilemma of whether to hang the rugs or let them dry on the floor. However, leaving your rugs on the floor for drying isn’t the best idea. The morning dew damps your rugs again. Also, while keeping your rugs on the floor you must keep the downward side up for reducing color fadedness from excessive sunlight exposure.

If possible, always hang your rugs for drying them. A hung rug dries quickly because of great airflow. Make sure to check the corners and edges of the rug for dampness before keeping them back on the floor.

For more convenience, hire the best Perth rug cleaning company! Professionals use dehumidifiers that dry up wet rugs quickly.

Final Words

Persian rug cleaning Gold Coast isn’t challenging and can be done easily at home. However, there are few measures you must take for the maintenance of rugs, like rotating them, preventing excessive sunlight exposure, and vacuum cleaning regularly. Following these measures will extend the lifespan of your precious Persian rugs.

Keep your rugs clean and protected by applying the above-mentioned facts and tips. For more information about Persian rugs cleaning and maintenance, feel free in consulting experts. Give us a call now!