6 Signs Your Home Needs New Gutters

Man cleaning the gutter from autumn leaves

Gutters play a critical part in any home’s roofing system. They work by directing the rainwater away from your home’s doors, windows, foundation, and exterior walls. They effectively prevent water from making its way inside your home and protect your home’s foundation from erosion.

Unfortunately, no matter how many times you clean your gutters, they aren’t invulnerable to the elements. After some time, they may require repairs or even replacement, depending on the damage. During those times, you’ll need the assistance of service providers like Presto Garage & Gutter Service and other similar companies.

Unfortunately, repairs aren’t always enough and it’s always much better to replace gutters. If you’re unsure you need to get new gutters for your home, here are the signs that you should know:

1. Leaning Or Bending

The amount of debris that accumulates in your gutters can put a strain on them. Since many homeowners don’t have the time to go up on their roofing and check their gutters, the weight will pile up continuously.

However, if there’s already a lot of debris accumulation, you can know by checking below. You’ll notice that your gutters will appear as if they can pop off any moment. And during rainfalls, you’ll see that water spills over the sides. When you see leaning or bending gutters, clean your gutters.

However, if the gutters are permanently bent or leaning over even without water, you may need to call the pros to fix them. Depending on what they see, they may recommend replacing your gutters instead.

2. Visible Cracking

One of the signs you need to have new gutters is visible cracks. When you see cracks on your gutters, it won’t be able to contain and redirect rainwater anymore as water can spill through those cracks before it can reach the gutter outlet.

Fortunately, it’s easy to repair small cracks, and all you have to do is patch them properly. However, for cracks that wrap around your gutters, they can be hard to fix—it’s better to get them replaced instead.

3. Peeling Paint

While peeling paint is normal, most homeowners don’t realize that it can be a sign that your home’s gutters need replacing. This is especially true if you have galvanized steel gutters.

Typically, galvanized steel gutters are coated with paint to protect them from moisture or water, which can cause steel to rust. When their paint starts to peel off, it’s a sign that your gutters might have already developed rust. So, if you see peeling paint on your gutters, you might want to start setting aside some money to get them replaced.

Close Up Of Man Replacing Guttering On Exterior Of House

4. Sagging Gutters

Another way to tell that your home needs new gutters without climbing a ladder is to inspect them from below. One of the things you should look for is parts that are sagging or pulling away from your roof.

Gutters shouldn’t sag as it may indicate that they’re full of water and may start to pull away from your house because of the weight. Often, sagging gutters can be repaired. You should be always on the lookout for this when you live in a snowy area during winter. If you think that your sagging gutters are beyond repairable, you might want to invest in new gutters instead.

5. Rust

Corrosion and rust in your gutter system are the worst. When the rust starts, it’s a hassle to stop. Often, rust is a sign that your gutter is already in poor condition and its protective coating’s already not enough to slow down rust. The only way to prevent and stop the rust from spreading further and causing more damage is to replace rusty gutters with new ones.

6. Various Water Damage

When you want to clean your gutters, make sure it’s a sunny day. The reason behind it’s that you’ll be able to see the signs of water damage clearly beneath and around your gutters. It may look like water stains, rotting fascia, puddles, mildew, or peeling paint on the exterior of your home. Any of such signs can be an indication that it’s time to replace your gutters.

Lastly, if there’s mildew in your basement, there’s probably too much moisture that’s getting inside. It’s a possible sign that not all rainwater from your roofing is getting drained in your property and might be spilling over your walls. To avoid this, check the parts of your basement where there’s mildew to determine the gutters that are causing the leakage.


Functioning gutters are essential to maintain your property’s good condition. Make sure to notice the above signs your home needs new gutters to avoid any possible damage to your property. However, be sure to ask for help from professionals when shopping around for the proper gutters for your home. In this way, you’ll save more time and money in the long run.