Why Egyptian Cotton is Better Than Regular Cotton: Benefits of Bed Linen


Ever wondered why Egyptian cotton is better than regular cotton? Or if there is any difference at all?

Throughout the past three centuries, Egyptian cotton has prevailed as one of Egypt’s biggest competitive advantages with a proven reputation for being the best cotton in the world. Other than its various superior characteristics, its softness and strength, have played an important role in placing products made of Egyptian cotton as the finest in the world. Egyptian cotton has not earned such a good reputation in vain, undoubtedly it is the world’s finest cotton.

To recognize the reasons for the admiration of Egyptian cotton bedsheets, you have to look beyond the country, where it originated and instead examine the cotton itself. Not to mention, the popularity of Egyptian cotton bedsheets is actually pretty simple; it’s all about the length of the fibers.

What makes Egyptian cotton better than other regular/natural fibers?

One of the major factors that differentiates Egyptian cotton from other regular cotton is that, Egyptian cotton is hand-picked, which certainly guarantees the highest levels of purity. Also, hand-picking puts no extra stress on the fibers- as opposite to mechanical picking; leaving the fibers straight and intact.

Moreover, Egyptian cotton produces fibers that are longer than other cotton. Its fibers are smaller in diameter, longer, and stronger than any other types of cotton. And while creating the fabric, more threads can be used per square because the fibers produce a yarn that is smaller in diameter but maintains length. Also, the length of the fiber makes it possible to make the finest of yarns without sacrificing the strength of the yarn.

The credit goes to the density of the threads, because it allows Egyptian cotton bedsheets to be stronger than fabric made from other kinds of cotton, and the strength of the fiber makes fabrics more solid and more resistant to stress. And, more luxurious or smooth to the touch.

Additionally, Egyptian cotton is lighter, which doesn’t impact the fabric’s breathability at all, instead it enhances the comfort that the sheet provides.

When Egyptian cotton is dyed, it produces brighter, vivid, and more resistant colors, due to its ability to absorb relatively more liquid.

All the above-mentioned factors are the reason, why Egyptian cotton is by far the best cotton in the world, and why fabrics made of Egyptian cotton are softer and finer in comparison to any other cotton in the world.

Benefits of buying Egyptian cotton bed linen

With various patterns, prices, quantities and qualities of Egyptian cotton available on the market, it is quite easy for companies to tangle you in knots with bed linen yarns. To put these common deceptions aside, when it comes to luxurious cotton sheets, these are just a few benefits that will help you make better decisions when choosing your sheets:

Higher Thread Count

It is a key factor in checking the quality, when it comes to sheets. Thread count is the number of threads woven together to produce a single square inch of the sheet. Basically, if you count the lengthwise threads, known as warp, and the threads going width-wise; weft, and add the numbers together, then that is the thread count. Higher thread counts reflects’ the higher quality sheets, and Egyptian cotton sheets have higher thread counts than other sheets, which is partly dependent on the length of their staples. Moreover, Egyptian cotton offers a range of thread counts, including super soft 200 thread count, 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and premium quality 600 thread count Egyptian cotton bed linen.


If you suffer from night sweats or simply have difficulty sleeping well while it’s hot, then surely you will appreciate the breathability of Egyptian cotton. Meaning, that air can flow through the sheets, making you to rest and sleep comfortably throughout the night, on your Egyptian cotton sheets.


When properly cared for, the Egyptian cotton sheets will last longer than other sheets on the market outside because the tight weave of fibers creates sheets that are designed to last. Also, it is recommended that sheets should be washed weekly in order to remove dirt and dust, as it breaks down the fibers, causing the fabric to show signs of wear faster.

Cost Effectiveness

In a nutshell, Egyptian cotton sheets are a solid investment. Although, high quality Egyptian cotton sheets are not exactly cheap but, caring for them properly, can make them outlast less expensive sheets, even lasting for decades, making them cost considerably less over the span of their lifetime.

If you have never experienced the delights of sleeping on Egyptian cotton sheets, then, it is time to buy them because you are likely to enjoy them for many years to come as long as you care for them properly.