Signs That You’ve Got a Wasp Nest


During the summer, wasp infestations can cause a lot of hassle outdoors. Not only do they try to grab themselves a nibble at your picnic, but they can also make themselves at home in your loft or garden shed. If you’re concerned about finding a wasp nest in your garden, loft or nearby your property, knowing the tell-tell signs of a nest can be very helpful.

Wasp nests are a regular pest problem during this time of the year, so there are a lot of experts who know what to do when you find one and will be able to take care of it for you. Being aware of the signs of a nest can be extremely beneficial as the earlier you spot a nest, the easier it’ll be for a wasp nest removal company to get rid of it safely.

So, during the warmer months, make sure to keep an eye out for the following signs so you can quickly spot if a nest is nearby!

A constant flow of wasps

One of the best ways to spot a nest is noticing a large number of insects in one particular area. Wasps use the same flight path which means they will use the same entrance. This makes it easier to notice any suspicious activity of wasps coming in and out of the area.

Not only do wasps need to feed their Queen, but they will also be flying back to feed their young. Following this swarm of insects should lead you to the nest, and then you can get in touch with a wasp removal company to get it sorted.

Paper-like nest material

To find a nest, you should check your property for visible structures that could have been created by a colony of wasps. By noticing these in the early stages, you’re able to call a removal company before the wasps finish creating the nest. Usually, wasp nests will be created using paper-like material so keep an eye out for grey-coloured structures.

Buzzing noise

This is one of the most obvious signs, but an important one. Keep your ears peeled for the buzzing sounds. They’re distinct (and sometimes quite frightening) which can help work out where the nest may be located. Follow the sound, and you’ll likely find the culprits.

Remember, wasps will be in large groups in their nest, so the sound will be very clear.

Keep an eye on lofts, sheds and dead trees

If you want to try your best to avoid getting a nest, regularly checking the areas where nests are usually found is a good way to start. Nests are usually found in sheltered areas that have easy access to the outdoors. These areas include lofts, sheds, wall cavities, garages and roof areas. If you keep an eye out on these areas around your home, you should find it easier to spot a nest in the early stages.

Turn on the loft light

Wasps are attracted to light, so if you turn a light on when you enter the loft with a nest inside, wasps will fly over to the light. If you do turn a light on in a loft where there’s a nest, make sure to be careful as it could disturb the wasps. If you think you have a wasp nest in your attic or loft, it’s a lot safer to get a professional team inside to do the search.

If you find a nest

If your suspicions were correct and you stumble across a busy wasp nest in your search process, we suggest getting in touch with a professional wasp nest removal company as soon as you can. You want to avoid disturbing the wasps as much as possible, so stay well away from them and avoid the area. The professional team will know exactly what to do to get rid of the nest in a safe manner.

Now you know the top signs to look out for, your mind can be at rest during the summer. Keeping an eye out for potential wasp nests is the best way to keep your family safe over this time but remember, never approach a nest yourself if you come across one. There are professionals always on hand to safely remove it for you!