Significance of LED Lights in Consumer Electrical


Lighting is one of the most significant parts of illuminating our lives. People are becoming more concerned about sustainable development and living. Thus, the lighting industry has made progress with the manufacture of LED lights.

LED lights in consumer electrical are semiconductor devices known for emitting lights with a flow of electric current through this device. LED lights allow the flow of light to the forward direction. It also blocks the flow of current to the reverse direction.

Advantages of using LED consumer electrical

The different advantages associated with the LED consumer electrical are as follows:

  • LED consumes less power and also requires a lower operational voltage.
  • The LED products do not require additional warm up time.
  • The light that emits from the LED is monochromatic.
  • These lights exhibit ruggedness and longevity.

There are also several other advantages of using LED products. They are energy efficient. It is around 80-90% energy-efficient compared to other lightings. This also helps the consumers save their electricity bills to a large extent. It contributes towards keeping the electric bills low.

LED components do not contain any toxic substances that may cause a threat to landfill wastes. Crompton products are safe for the use of consumers. They also provide longevity and durability.

The different consumer electrical organisations provide the consumers with different designs in the LED products they offer their consumers. They can be of varied designs and colours for creating a charming impact on the consumers.

Disadvantages of LED products

There are also certain other disadvantages related to the use of the LED products or lighting. The following are some to confirm the same.

The purchasing price of the LED lights is high compared to the normal ones. Thus it becomes difficult to make consumers understand that the price they pay is worthy as it is long-lasting and durable.

It has a limitation in offering consumers the effect of white lights. The manufacturing process of these lights is such that it gives a bluish effect on the white lights.

The LED products or lights are temperature-sensitive. Thus the efficiency of the LED lights depends on the temperature levels in their surroundings.

However, it is identified that the use of LED lights is increasing due to its features of energy and cost-efficiency. Enhanced safety is another crucial factor due to which the consumers are ready to make use of the LED lights.

Different kinds of LED’s available in the market

The following are the different kinds of LED’s that are available in the market.

  • Miniature LEDs
  • LEDs of high power
  • LEDs of Bi and Tricolours
  • Lighting LED
  • Alphanumeric LED
  • LEDs of red, green and blue colours.

One of the most important factors of using LED lights and their increasing demand is energy efficiency. Due to this feature of LED, consumers have increased their demands for the same.