Bringing Modern Look into The Small Apartment with Monochrome Style

795 – The more time is developing, the human population is also increasing. Automatically, places to live are increasingly varied. Predicted that vacant land is increasingly scarce, the architects make small apartments as a solution.

The small apartment is indeed the right place to live alone. Its place in the middle of the city makes this residence much in demand by people. In addition, the security and facilities at the apartment are also much better.

However, behind the advantages, there are also deficiencies that you can find in the apartment. Because the place is inside the building, it makes the apartment feel cramped and stuffy. In addition, decorating mistakes can also make apartments uncomfortable.

modern monochrome apartment
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Paying attention to the interior appearance of the apartment is the first step in making the apartment comfortable. And for small apartments, making the interior look modern is able to make this small residence cozy. White and black are the appropriate colors that can be chosen to make the interior apartment look modern. So, let’s Bringing Modern Look into The Small Apartment with Monochrome Style.

Wall Decoration

The decoration is something that is never left in a dwelling. In making the interior look attractive of course the decoration is very important. In addition, the decoration will also determine how your room will look.

Indeed, decorate the small room will be easy because we can add some items that we like in making the interior look beautiful. But, how about the small dwelling? In decorating the small apartment, you have to be careful and you cannot use too many items. It is beacuse too many items in the small apartment will make it feel narrower and cramped so that the small apartment will be uncomfortable.

wall monochrome apartment decor
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In making the small apartment look modern and attractive, there are some wall decorations that you can use:

  • Mirror

modern small apartment
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Usually, the mirror will be placed in the bedroom. But right now, the function of the mirror is not only for mirroring. In this era, the mirror is used as an interior decoration in making the room look more interesting.

A Circle-shaped mirror without a frame is the right choice to make the small apartment look beautiful. Hang the mirror on the wall exposed to natural light. So, when the light hits the mirror surface, the light will bounce back so the room will look brighter. Warm nuance will present and make the small apartment feel comfortable.

In addition, the mirror will display the shadow of the room in the apartment so that the small apartment will feel more spacious.

  • LED TV

led tv for monochrome apartment decor
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TV is an electronic item used for watching. Usually, the TV is placed in the family room or living room. But, the function of TV is not only for watching but also can be used as a room decoration, especially a monochrome-styled room.

Because the color of the LED TV is black, so it will be perfect to hang it on the white wall. The large TV hangs on the wall makes the small apartment look modern. In addition, you do not need a TV table so that there are will be many spaces left and make the small apartment look larger.

  • Black and White Paintings or Photos

small monochrome apartment decor
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These are the popular items that use in making the interior look pretty. B&W photos or paintings are a great choice in bringing the modern look to the small apartment. It is also suitable to apply in the monochrome-style interior.

Black and white photos or paintings will be perfect hung on white walls. Choosing a black frame makes it look more standing out and striking.

Furniture Selection

The next step in Bringing Modern Look into The Small Apartment with Monochrome Style is furniture selection. As we know, every room will need furniture. And there is the main item in every room, such the bedroom is a bed, the living room is a couch and table, and so on.

monochrome small apartment design
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And for a monochrome-styled room of course there will be two choices, that is white or black. And here are the furniture you can choose for the small monochrome apartment:

  • Couch

monochrome apartment small spaces decor
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Choose white as a base color of the apartment interior is a great way in making the small apartment feel more spacious and comfortable. It also will be suitable for those of you who like bright appearance. Indeed, the bright appearance will present a warm atmosphere to the room so you will be relaxed when you are in.

And to bring the modern look to the monochrome apartment, a black-colored couch is appropriate furniture to use. The black color will make the couch look stand out and striking.

But, if you are the person who likes the dark appearance of course you will make black as a base color of the apartment interior. So, using the black couch only make the apartment look stiff. In this case, you can choose a white couch to bring a little bright appearance to the monochrome room.

  • Bed

right bedding for monochrome apartment bedroom
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The next is the selection of the main furniture for the bedroom, bed. In a monochrome apartment bedroom, you can use the bed made of wood, iron, or fabric. It is not too important. That will affect the bedroom appearance is the bedding. You can choose white bedding, black bedding, or combine both colors. Black and white bedding make the apartment bedroom look modern.

In making the bed look modern, you can apply layered bedding. You can choose white for the bedsheet and black for the blanket. And for the pillowcases, you can use black and white to make it look interesting.

  • Self

right furniture for monochrome apartment
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In decorating the room of course you need the media. The self is a great item to use to put some items that will make the room look pretty and not stiff.

For the small apartment, the use of a shelf is so important. This is because the shelf will make a lot of space left so that the small apartment will feel wider and not cramped. You just only need one spot to place this item and decorate it as beautifully as possible.

The use of the shelf itself can be used to put some stuff that there is no storage enough to put in. In this way, your apartment will look neatly.

For a monochrome apartment, a black-colored shelf is an appropriate item in making the small apartment look modern.

  • Rug or Carpet

monochrome style apartment
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Rug or carpet is an additional item. It means if you do not use this item is okay. But, something used of course has an impact. Such as the rug or the carpet also have an impact on the interior apartment itself.

Sometimes, people prefer to use a little decoration so that the small apartment looks more spacious and not cramped. In addition, to present a modern look, little decorations are very important. This is why sometimes in the modern small apartment look stiff and uncomfortable. In this case, the use of a rug or carpet is important. It will sweeten the appearance so that the modern small apartment not look stiff.

In addition, the use of rugs in the small room makes it look more spacious. The use of this item also give an illusion as if there is the barrier in one open room. We can see the picture above, the carpet is used to make the dining room look stand out so that we can see there is the dining room, kitchen, and living room in one room.