Top 4 Driveway Removal Tips for Apartment Owners


Concrete driveways are a popular choice for most property owners. Although such driveways come with numerous benefits, you may experience some cracks in your driveway. The broken pieces can make it an eyesore and also make it unsafe for walking or driving. However, sealing and regular driveway repairs can be costly. If you’re planning to renovate your apartment, this may be the best time to replace your driveway.

Check out tips to guide you:

1. Know the signs to check for

Not all cracks and scratches necessitate driveway removal. In some cases, simple repairs can fix the damages without incurring high costs. However, if you experience the following signs, perhaps it’s time to seek excavation services from a driveway removal company.

The signs to look out for include;

  • Deep cracks- over two inches deep
  • Potholes
  • Unlevel concrete or asphalt

In short, if you’re driveway is broken, causing tripping and falls, it should be replaced. It may pose safety hazards to you and others in the apartment. Again, it may cost more to repairs such major damages.

2. Locate the utility lines

Water, electric, oil, and gas lines run under your driveway, and you shouldn’t interfere with them. Call an inspector to locate the utility lines and mark them as required. The marks will guide the driveway remover team on where to stop and how deep they can go. Otherwise, you’ll disconnect functional plumbing on your property. Also, this will save you from paying for utility line damages.

3. Determine the driveway volume

All driveways are different; some are bigger while others are smaller. Some feature concrete, while others are made of asphalt. Before contacting a removal company, estimate how much debris you expect to determine whether you can handle this by yourself.

Moreover, estimate the driveways volume by measuring the length, width, and thickness. Multiply all the three figures and convert the result into cubic yards. If the number is high, you expect a lot of concrete or gravel, determining the cost of services.

4. Engage professionals

You can remove a driveway by hand or using heavy equipment. However, Driveway Removal and prep is a complex procedure requiring special tools and equipment and engaging professionals save a lot. Professional driveway removers employ different equipment and demolition tools. These can be dangerous and should only be handled by an experienced team.

Also, concrete and asphalt driveways require different demolition methods, and the tools may vary. A professional company will use equipment like shovels, jackhammers, circular saws, and excavators from John Deere excavators. This streamlines the excavation and cleanup process.

Why hire professional driveway removal services?

  • Saves time

Some property owners opt for DIY driveway removal, but this can be tedious. However, this isn’t a simple task, and many people believe. Without proper tools and equipment, you may end up spending so much time, or worse still, hurting yourself. Driveway removal involves breaking up the concrete slabs into pieces and moving the debris. It can get messy, and only a professional can do this best.

  • Equipment& Tools

Professional excavators possess the right tools for the task; these may include concrete saws and jackhammers. They also have the right team with experience handling the equipment and will save a lot of time. That’s not all though, engaging a professional minimizes the risk of injuries on the job.

  • Easy debris removal

Pavement removal generates chunks of debris, and you need somewhere to dispose of the concrete. If you go the DIY way, you won’t know what to do with all the trash. But, a professional company will load the truck, clean the mess, and easily connect with safe disposal sites.

  • Minimal costs 

Most people shun pavement removal services due to the associated costs. However, this may be cheaper than you can imagine. The cost of hiring a truck, renting excavation equipment, and hiring a junk removal firm, can sum up to considerable amounts.

However, a professional company will do an excellent job, and you’ll get attractive offers from most service providers. Still, you may incur injuries while handling the tools and may end up spending more on treatment.

Final thoughts

A well-maintained driveway will enhance the look of your apartment, making it safe for driving. If you’re seeking to install a brand new driveway, seek excavation service from professionals, save time and costs. Ensure that the team is experienced and uses the right equipment to avoid injuries.