Why Metal Roofing in Columbia, MO, is Trending as One of the Top Roofing Material Types


It’s time to replace your asphalt shingle roofing, and you’re trying to decide between getting a new metal roof or sticking with shingle roofing. While asphalt is still more popular for residential homes, people are beginning to realize there are many reasons to choose metal roofing in Columbia, MO, instead. To learn more, visit this website.

At one time, metal roofs were used primarily on commercial buildings such as apartments. However, in the last few years, their popularity has started to rise for residential homes also.  Global Market Insights projects that between 2021-2027 the metal roofing market reflected roughly 85% of solar heat, and it can lower the roof’s temperature by up to 50%. As individuals become more conscious of green energy and the need to reduce energy costs, it’s easy to understand why metal roofing is starting to become one of the latest trends in roofing materials.

A metal roof is one of the best ways to protect your home, especially if you live in an area that experiences rapid weather changes, heavy rains, storms, tornados, or hurricanes, which is the majority of the United States. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of concerns about metal roofs, primarily due to people being unaware of their benefits. Today we’re going to educate you on why metal roofs are one of the top roofing materials for your home and business.

Metal Roofs Are Eco-Friendly

The reason metal roofs have a small carbon footprint is that they are made from recycled materials. However, in February 2016, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that over 11 million tons of asphalt shingles end up in landfills a year. Another way a metal roof is eco-friendly is once it’s time for a new metal roof to be installed, your old one can again be recycled.

Metal roofing panels have a reflective coating that reflects heat and energy away from your home or business, saving you up to 20% on energy bills. The way they do this is by using materials known as “cool” metal roofing. Not only does it reflect heat, but it also holds in the cool and warm air. So during the winter, your home will remain warmer, and during the summer months, your home will stay cooler, further reducing your electricity bills.

Metal Roofing is Highly Durable

Metal roofs can last up to 60 years or more before needing significant repairs or replacement. Asphalt roofs, on the other hand, need repairs or replaced every 12-25 years. In fact, most manufacturers have a 30-50 year warranty if your metal roof is professionally installed.

Unlike other roofing types, metal roofs do not rot, split, crack, dry out or leak. Therefore, it is not susceptible to termites or rodents. While with other roofs, metal also can withstand adverse weather conditions such as hail, heavy rains, snow, and dry heat. They withstand high winds because they have interlocking panels, so they don’t easily lift under extreme weather conditions. They are also virtually leakproof because of these interlocking panels and how solid they are.

Some people believe that because metal roofs are made of metal, they are more likely to be struck by lighting. Actually, the opposite is true. There are many factors other than material that determines where lightning strikes. It also depends on the area’s topography, size, the height of other structures, and the frequency of storms. Even if it does get struck, it offers more protection because it conducts electricity, plus the chance of fire is greatly diminished.

Metal Roofs are Quiet

One misconception is that metal roofs are noisy. When they first came out, that may have been the case. Now, strong sheeting goes on before your metal roofing is installed, which absorbs most of the noise caused by rain, hail, and other debris.

On the other hand, some people enjoy the noise when it rains and opt for a louder one. If this is your preference, you can let the installation experts know that you don’t want the sheeting between your roof. It isn’t a common occurrence, but it’s all about your choice.

Metal Roofs are Cost-Effective

Although installing a metal roof is more expensive up front, they save you money in the long run. The higher initial costs are because installing these roofs requires specialized training, knowledge, tools, and equipment that most general contractors don’t possess. Depending on the size of your roof, the amount of work entailed, and the cost of materials, the final price can vary quite a bit.

There are many reasons that metal roofs are more cost-effective than other roofing types. First, they last longer than any other roof. Metal roofs can last up to 60 years, meaning you may never have to replace them again. For the most part, you don’t have to worry about repairing or the cost of ongoing maintenance.

They require next to no care and can withstand extreme weather that would damage other types of roofs. In comparison, asphalt roofs require shingle replacements, are subject to insect infestations, plus severe weather can lead to leaks that may damage your home.

Because of the reflective materials of metal roofs, you can save a lot of money on energy bills. If you have an asphalt roof installed, the workers have to tear off the old roof before installation. Since metal roofs are so light, they can be installed directly on top of your current one. If you decide to sell your home in the future, metal roofs will significantly increase the value of your home.

Hire a Professional to Do the Job Right

If you like the variety of colors, all the benefits, and it fits in with your budget, getting metal roofing in Columbia, MO, may be your best option. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you don’t have to worry about repairs or replacements for up to 50 years. But regardless of what type of roof you choose, make sure you have a professional install it.

Many people believe that all you need to install a roof is the shingles and some nails. This isn’t the case. If not done correctly, you can cause extreme damage to your home, plus you’ll end up having to replace it in a short amount of time.