Is Your Foundation Beyond Repair? (Professional Advice)


When building your home, one of the first steps in the process is setting the foundation. The foundation can be a concrete slab, or it might have a crawl space under the house, which is made of post and concrete supports, or piers.

But in case your home has a basement, then you’ll be looking at the perimeter foundation wall. All these are the critical components of the structure of your home.

Whenever something happens to that foundation, there will be a major impact on your home. This won’t just affect the structure of your property, but its value as well.

Note that whenever your foundation is compromised, the costs of repairing it can be severe. It will be a complicated problem and a headache. This means that checking your foundation should be one of the first things you need to do. But how do you know the difference between minor and major foundation repair? For more information, check out

The Difference Between a Minor And Significant Foundation Repair

The foundation repair of a home can be classified into two categories, which are structural cracks and non-structural cracks. Is there any difference? The answer is yes, there is a big difference between them, and their repairs differ too.

Minor Foundation Repairs

Having minor cracks can’t pose a threat to the structural integrity of your home. These types of cracks can occur over time due to changes in weather conditions, hydrostatic pressure, thermal movement, and exposure to moisture. However, even some cracks that appear are due to aging. Below are some of the signs of minor foundation problems:

  • A crack on plaster
  • A vertical or diagonal cracks
  • A narrow crack that measures 1-2 mm wide
  • A crack near doors or the edge of the window

These types of foundation issues are mostly thin and less aggressive, and they don’t require too many repairs.

Major Foundation Repair

This type of issue occurs due to poor construction sites, a poor or overloading soil bearing. Below are some of the signs of major foundation repairs:

  • Stair-step cracks on chimney
  • A crack on foundation slabs or beams
  • Vertical cracks that are very wide at the top or bottom
  • A crack that measures 1/8″ in width

When you start having structural cracks appear on concrete walls and via your foundation, it indicates a shift in the home’s foundation. Once you delay in fixing this type of problem, it might end up generating further problems.

This is because repairs will become more complicated and expensive. Make sure you allow only a qualified basement and foundation repair company to handle this problem.

There are lots of risks to your home and loved ones when you don’t give a certified foundation repair company to get it fixed as soon as possible. One of the common methods of repairing them is by reinforcing steel beams to the damaged walls or installing carbon fiber strips.

Professional Advice from Our Foundation Repair Company

You should never attempt to fix a major structural foundation issue using DIY crack injection kits. This is because the safety of your home and family is too great to take such a risk.

You should hire a certified structural company to conduct a Level B assessment of the foundation once leveling operation is done. In case you don’t know, a Level B assessment happens to be a foundation assessment meant to identify areas with structural distress (cracks) and also include a slab survey.

We advise you to have the certified foundation repair company take before and after measurements of the slab. This is to allow monitoring and tracking of the amount of the foundation that has been lifted and to make sure there is a base elevation to monitor throughout the lifespan of the structure.

Note that leveling a concrete slab might cause more cracks on walls, windows, plumbing, doors, and roofing.

So, Is Your Foundation Beyond Repair?

Indeed, there are times when your foundation will be beyond repair. When this happens, your foundation won’t be safe even if it is repaired and will require replacement. So is your foundation beyond repair? To answer this, some signs show your cracked foundation is beyond repair which includes the following:

  1. You will notice the cracks in your foundation are changing direction
  2. You will notice that the floors above the foundation are sloping and appear weak
  3. You will notice the walls are bulging severely as a result of pressure
  4. You will notice the vertical cracks in your foundation are becoming wider at the top than they are at the bottom.

Once you notice any of these signs, you should consult a foundation repair professional as soon as possible. Remember that these signs show that your walls are about to collapse or fail.

How Long Does Foundation Repair Last?

Note that there are various ways to repair a home’s foundation, and most of them are considered permanent solutions. However, a foundation repair will last long once the structures are still good, and might stay up to 150 years or beyond your lifetime.

How Do I Know If My House Foundation Is Bad?

Remember, the health of your home starts at its foundation. This is because everything else rests on it. Below are some warning signs that your foundation is getting bad.

  1. Cracks in the exterior
  2. Having interior sheetrock cracks
  3. Having its doors out of square and uneven floors
  4. The door frame/window frame separating from the brick
  5. Having rotten wood – pier & beams
  6. Having bouncing floors – rotten wood
  7. Having cracked tiles

Can Foundation Problems Be Fixed Permanently?

Yes, but foundation problems are not really an easy thing. In many situations, the issue can be fixed permanently. But to make this happen, more extensive foundation repairs are necessary, which includes lifting the house to install new foundation piers so that it can be leveled and reinforce the existing foundation.

Call a Trusted Foundation Repair Specialist!

You should never attempt to fix a major structural foundation issue using DIY crack injection kits. This is because the safety of your home and family is too great to take such a risk. Everyone deserves a safe and healthy home, so you should hire a certified foundation repair company.