Having A Splash Of Pearl Aesthetic Concept For Your Apartment Now On!

Pearl Aesthetic Concept
© Pavel Pisanko

Roohome.com – Having an apartment in the middle of a dense urban, make you think how to create your apartment’s appearance more enticing. You do not want to find uncomfortable in your own apartment, that is why you need a glimpse of pearl aesthetic concept which suits for you designed by Pavel Pisanko.

As an interior designer, Pavel Pisanko develops his creative idea to design an apartment by applying a unique pearl aesthetic concept. In accordance with the concept, he paints the wall with a white shade. Afterward, placing a bluish-grey in the middle of the living room can show pearl’s vibe.

An Awesome Concept Of Pearl Aesthetic
© Pavel Pisanko

Peeking through the window, a pair of chairs near the couch and an artistic painting also can be seen on the wall.

An Unique Concept Of Pearl Aesthetic
© Pavel Pisanko
The Design Of Pearl Aesthetic
© Pavel Pisanko

Pavel never forgets to add some bluish-grey accessories around the living room also in the corner in order not to disappear an elegant pearl aesthetic concept.

A Luxurious Look Of Pearl Aesthetic Concept
© Pavel Pisanko

Moves to a kitchen, a blend of gray and white shade are prominent. He chooses a simple dining table size for avoiding to use of too many spaces. A white curtain also a white wooden floor is attracting to look. A luxurious look of pearl aesthetic concept very suits for a kitchen.

If you have a wide work space in your apartment, do not miss to decorate it by using the concept. Like the way he does, Pavel puts a gray couch which is combined with a dark gray on the wall. Pavel Pisanko does not pick a real work table, but he creates it from a partial of a wall. No wonder, you could see an artistic view of pearl aesthetic concept from this place.

You may change your ordinary apartment becomes an extraordinary design by decorating a whole room with an awesome pearl aesthetic concept. Pavel Pisanko has created an awesome result. Besides that, you also may create another aesthetic concept by combining a