Must Have Kitchen Equipment for Home Cooks


For any home cook, a well-equipped kitchen is critical. Consider how difficult it would be to prepare a stir-fry or bake a cake without a knife or mixing bowls. Take control of your kitchen immediately, whether you’re moving into a new property and need to stock it, or you’ve been living with an under-equipped kitchen for years.

This is a list of the five most essential items that every kitchen should have, especially when trying out crockpot chicken recipes. You may get a variety of various cooking gear and equipment.

Chef’s Knife

I’m not referring to any ordinary chef’s knife in this instance. I’m referring to a decent one. This is one item that is well worth the investment. A knife is the most used kitchen equipment, and cooking requires a sharp knife that properly cuts, dices, and chops. These razor-sharp and high-quality knives can be purchased at a cutlery sale. The sharp knives are safer than dull knives because they are less likely to slip and cut you

Additionally, purchasing a paring knife at a discount is a beautiful idea. Its razor-sharp edge makes it ideal for slicing tiny veggies and fruits.

Mixing Bowls

The mixing bowls in your kitchen are the hands. They assist you in combining items. They are used for various purposes, ranging from storing items to cooking and baking and everything in between. It’s critical to have a variety of bowl sizes on hand because you’ll likely use a small, medium, and large bowl depending on the recipe.

I recommend purchasing an extra-large bowl if you have a large family or cook many meals. Stainless steel is my preferred material, but you can use any type you like. If you frequently store food in your bowls, you may want to consider purchasing silicon lids. They are reusable and simple to maintain.

Cutting/Chopping Boards

Cutting boards are an absolute necessity in any kitchen. You’re going to chop your onions on the counter, aren’t you? There is no possible way! If you are a home cook, you will require various sizes, just as you would require a variety of different bowls.

Having a range of materials on hand, such as wood, plastic, and glass, is also beneficial, as you can utilize these materials for various purposes. Having a large cutting board on your kitchen counter that can be utilized for various purposes is also a smart idea for some people. To avoid cross-contamination, you should use separate cutting boards for meat and vegetables/fruit.

Wooden Spoon and Spatula

These two items are critical for anyone who prepares food at home. Without them, how are you going to mix the batter, sauté the onions, or scrape the remaining ingredients onto a bowl or plate? You can use a wooden spoon in various ways in the kitchen. Because it is non-stick, you can use it for cooking and sautéing meals.

Additionally, it’s ideal for mixing and scraping in the kitchen during baking. A spatula, particularly one made of silicone, can perform many of the functions of a wooden spoon. Lifting and flipping objects are simple with a spatula. Use a spatula with a thin front edge rather than a thick one to glide beneath the food.

Wooden Spoon and Spatula

When baking or cooking, you must accurately measure flours, grains, spices, sugars, vinegar, and oils to ensure that your dish tastes delicious. When it comes to cooking, the ability to eyeball is invaluable. However, there are situations when precise measurements are required. While some baking may need a scale, measuring cups and spoons will suffice.