19 Landscaping Ideas for A Small Courtyard That Will Transform Your Exterior


roohome.com – A garden landscape is an interesting exterior. It will attract the attention of people before taking them inside a house. Besides, some houses may have a small courtyard. This narrow place needs a nice landscape as well. Some gardeners grow certain plants to fit that narrow garden. There are tropical plants, succulents, trees, shrubs, and even ground covers. Those plants are stunning to sweeten the exterior design. If you have a small courtyard, you will love to see the landscaping ideas below. Let’s get to the lists!

1. Coastal Design With Small Shrubs

coastal design
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The first idea is a coastal design. This small courtyard has a nice coastal pathway. The white and stone sands will bring a fresh impression while stepping into your house. That small pathway has green plants along the way. Also, the green lawn is stunning to fill the entrance.

Meanwhile, you can fill the edges with small shrubs. Those shrubs are various. It is okay to have ornamental grass as well. That grass has striking colors to complete the little greeny spot. Also, it looks better to grow tall trees.

2. Modern Front Yard with Lawn

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This is a modern style for an exterior design. There is an attractive pathway with dark lines. That monochrome way will decorate the front yard beautifully. Then, grow tiny plants along that pathway. It is better to show off the soil.

Then, grow tiny shrubs along the pathway with some distance between that plant. This exterior is more stunning with a green lawn. If you need more plants, then grow short trees along the edges. Some gardeners grow ornamental grass because it has various colors. You can choose the grass that fits your garden landscape like blue or yellow grass.

3. Design An Eccentric Pathway

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The eccentric design is quite showy for your exterior. It is another monochrome pathway. The white stones are stunning to get dark grey lines. Also, there are plants along the pathway. Those small green accents decorate the dark brown soil.

Moreover, this landscape has a healthy green lawn. It has a line of green shrubs. There are colorful plants near the porch. You can grow flowery plants in those spots as well. Besides, it looks more stunning to have some high plants.

4. Ornamental Grass for Front Yard

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The ornamental grass is quite popular for landscaping. Most ornamental grasses are drought tolerant. They grow well in hard conditions like poor soil and lack of water. Thus, ornamental grass will be an ideal choice for a sunny garden. Also, it has many colors based on their species.

Besides, ornamental grass is easy to care for. You can grow it between other plants like this idea. The peach grass is attractive to match green grass. The soil is pale and gets more stones. This landscape will bring an airy nuance to your exterior.

5. Modern Coastal House with Creeping Plants

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Creeping plants are interesting for decorating a house. It looks stunning to decorate indoors and outdoors. Some creeping plants are a string of turtles, string of dolphins, string of pearls, etc. Those plants are easy to grow long with tiny leaves on their strings. Also, they will grow massively in humid environments and sunny areas.

The creeping plants are useful to cover a certain area like the gate. You can grow it in a container, then put their creeping strings on another thing. It is interesting to see those leafy strings greatly. The best way is to grow lots of string plants to get many strings. Also, you can grow new plants by pruning their strings.

6. Grow Practical Perennial Plants

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The perennial plant is useful for decorating a garden landscape. That plant will grow well in moist and well-draining soil. Also, the perennial plants make a nice landscape for your exterior. This is an attractive landscape design with many green plants.

You just need to decorate the edges and sweeten the landscape. Look at those attractive Snake plants. The dark green accents will enliven their pale leaves. Also, those plants grow well in bright to partial sunlight. Even though they are drought tolerant, it is better to water them regularly.

7. Growing Tropical Plants

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A tropical plant is an ideal choice for a jungle-like impression. Many tropical plants that grow well in sunny areas. If your front yard is quite sunny then grow some tropical plants there. Those green accents will refresh your front yard and make a nice landscape.

Look at this idea. The tropical plants are attractive to grow in the corner. Every corner has some green plants with different leaves. Meanwhile, the center part of the landscape is a pathway. The white stones are useful to make it look clear. Also, the tiny ground cover is helpful to fill the gap between the stones.

8. Landscaping with Lawn

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The lawn is a common choice for outdoor design. Many gardeners like to grow lawns as the basic thing before landscaping the garden. The healthy green lawn will dominate the courtyard and make it stunning. Moreover, it is okay to only have a lawn in your yard rather than growing lots of plants.

Sometimes, being simple is quite interesting. You can grow a tree in the corner of your yard. Then, let it get some exposed soil around it. Moreover, this landscape is suitable for people who love doing outdoor activities. They can use that simple yard to have a garden party or something like that.

9. Grow the Ground Cover Plants

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The ground cover is a useful plant to decorate your garden landscape. If you have a narrow courtyard and pathway, ground cover will be a nice option. It has various species that grow well in moist and sunny areas. For example, some moss makes an attractive ground cover. That plant will grow massively during rainy days.

Moreover, ground cover is easy to grow. They need regular watering to keep growing. Thus, you must provide adequate water for the ground cover. Sometimes, they will invade the garden area where it gets bright sunlight. Also, it is easy to regrow ground cover and prune them to grow in another spot.

10. Simple Indoor Garden

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A stunning garden can be indoors or outdoors. That garden will bring a natural nuance to a house. If you want to make an indoor garden, then you can steal this idea. This house has a green spot in the corner with many plants. Every plant grows well under bright indirect sunlight.

Look at this design. That indoor garden is adjacent to a bathroom. The green plants provide a fresh view from the bathroom. Therefore, you can enjoy that garden while taking a bath. Moreover, that spot is ideal for growing green plants like Rubber plants, Chinese Money trees, Monstera plants, etc.

11. Inviting Outdoor With Gravels

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The garden landscape needs some elements to get a stunning design. Gravels are additional things to decorate a garden. Many gardeners use gravel to cover their pathways or fill the gap around the plants. Besides, you can try to use gravel to complete the garden landscape.

This idea is quite stunning to get many gravels. The white gravels bring a clean impression along the pathway. Moreover, there are containers with small plants. Those green trees look as interesting as a small shrub. You can grow more shrubs and make a natural garden border like this one.

12. Grow Flowery Shrubs

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The plants in your garden will determine the look of your garden landscape. The flowery shrubs will be a nice option to get some colors. It looks stunning to grow flowers in your garden. For example, Hydrangea is an attractive choice for flowery plants. This plant looks interesting to decorate your garden edges.

Moreover, grow another plant along with Hydrangea. Maybe the green shrubs are the best comparison for flowery plants. Those plants will bring a fresh nuance to your garden. Besides, we recommend you to grow a green lawn because it fits any garden size. Also, it will dominate the ground cover beautifully.

13. Landscaping the Edge with Shrubs

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The shrub is a must-have plant to grow in the garden. Many types of shrubs that you can grow. There are drought-tolerant shrubs, humid shrubs, and many more. It is because shrubs make a stunning landscape and are easy to nurture. Some shrubs may need regular pruning to control their growth.

Also, shrubs can grow massively and take up more space while growing mature. Once they grow well, their root systems will get deeper into the soil. Thus, it will be a sturdy plant. Besides that, shrubs prefer to get adequate water to nurture their roots.

14. Add Plants with Giant Leaves

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The plants with giant leaves will bring a tropical nuance. Sometimes, it makes a jungle-like impression in the garden. Some tropical plants have giant leaves like Elephant ear plants. That plant will make big canopies for the surroundings. Thus, it is better to grow Elephant ear plants near plants that love partial shades.

Besides, growing plants with giant leaves will make a shady nuance. Look at this idea. The giant leaves make an eye-catching landscape in the corner. You can grow other plants to complete the landscape. Some gardeners prefer to nurture green lawns or ground cover plants.

15. Growing Succulents

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Succulent has various species that look interesting as garden landscapes. Many big succulents make an eye-catching landscape. Big cactus can be your first choice for a garden border. This plant survives hard conditions like poor soil and lack of water. Also, their appearance will bring a desert-like impression.

Moreover, you can grow smaller succulents to complete the landscape. The Snake plants are quite popular for garden landscapes. Their sturdy stalks are useful to make a garden line. Then, grow other succulents like Echeveria, Aloe vera, Spider plants, etc.

16. Using Containers for Small Courtyard

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Gardeners need some containers to manage their garden landscape. Every container is useful for loading plants that will grow mature. This method is simple for people who prefer to make a temporary indoor garden. Thus, they can easily move those plants in containers to another place.

That container is useful to keep water and soil nutrients only for one plant. You can nurture every plant with a different condition. Also, you can control their growth by pruning some plants. Then, you can regrow those pruning parts as a new plant.

17. Front Yard Landscaping with Desert Nuance

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Do you like a desert-like garden? This idea will inspire you to manage that desert-like garden landscape. The first one is never to grow green lawns. You must let the sand or bare soil in your courtyard. Then, grow some plants that suit those conditions like succulents.

This idea has many ornamental grasses that love hard conditions. It looks interesting to grow that grass with distance. Then, grow more plants along the garden edges. Moreover, you can grow pampas grass to get a higher border. Also, some shrubs will help you to get greener accents.

18. Vertical Space for The Plants

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The backyard can not only be a garden full of greenery. The outside air feels much fresher, making it suitable as a place to relax and gather with family. Green plants fill the sides of the walls, eliminating the isolated effect so that the backyard feels more spacious. With high walls, privacy is very well maintained there.

Ferns and vines fill the wall area very well. The undulating heights create a visual appeal. Focusing on green plants is much more suitable for this yard than using flowers with beautiful colors.

19. The Focal Point

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Before you walk further to the relaxing area where there is a bench and the firepit, you will find a very interesting focal point. The circular shape gives a soft impression to the display that is easy for the eye to digest. Also, it saves more space in the yard.

The small fountain creates an unrivaled beauty. It looks pretty when exposed to sunlight during the day. Also, the middle part is made gold to create a slightly expensive impression.

The section is made empty, becoming a place to walk. Plants are focused on the sides of the yard. Green plants and lavender flowers fill the yard, creating a simple impression that doesn’t take up your full attention. That way, the round fountain still stands out there.

Final Words

Those are ideas for decorating a garden landscape. Every design is interesting to refresh a garden’s nuance. Also, those ideas fit narrow and large courtyards. Therefore, you can adopt some ideas to transform your garden landscape. Besides that, most plants need adequate water and regular watering. You must pour enough water to help them grow well. Also, they need bright sunlight either. We hope this post helps you to get an interesting garden landscape for your garden, front yard, or courtyard.