5 Popular Kitchen Trends for 2022


After another New Year’s Eve celebration that was diminished by the continued danger of the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be challenging to feel the same hopeful feeling of renewal that comes at the end of a usual year. While that situation may be disheartening, it is no reason to give up the spirit of positive change; we all just need some physical reminders.

Embracing Change with Renovation Plans

One of the best ways to bring positive change into your life is to upgrade your living space. When you see your decisions to commit to renewal happening around you as your life each day, it will be easier to remind yourself to stay committed to personal changes, like New Year’s resolutions, as well.

Trendy Ideas for 2022

One of the best upgrades you can make to your home is to remodel your kitchen with new countertops, appliances and cupboards. A great way to get started on a new kitchen is to check out a few ideas that are popular this year:

Smart Appliances

With the rise of the smart home, people are eager to gain the ability to control every aspect of their home with voice commands or Smartphone automation. When you’re shopping for new appliances, consider what benefits you might gain from a smart version of the same item and whether it will connect successfully to your current smart home setup.

Marble or Porcelain Counters

There’s no denying that a marble or porcelain counter looks absolutely stunning. Beyond aesthetics, choosing porcelain stone will provide you with the extra benefit of being easy to clean. While the initial cost of either of these options may be higher than lower quality alternatives, the investment value will be much greater since they are both quite durable and long-lasting.


In 2022, there’s no getting around the need to try harder to protect the natural environment. Appliance manufacturers have responded to this need by continuing to improve on the energy consumption demands in their latest products. When you buy energy-efficient appliances for your kitchen, you’ll also gain the extra benefit of lowering your power bill.

Attractive Backsplashes

A gorgeous backsplash made of porcelain will fulfill two functions:

  • Easier to Clean Your Walls
  • Add to the Beauty of Your Kitchen

Let’s face it; when you’re in the moment of creating a masterpiece in the kitchen for the family to enjoy, it is easy to get carried away and accidentally splash some of your cooking around the room. A backsplash will allow you to keep a more hygienic home since it will make cleaning your wall a breeze.


Another way to improve the energy efficiency of your home is to allow more sunlight to enter your rooms. Adding a skylight will help you lower your power bill even further while providing the extra ambience of a window that looks up at the sky.

No matter what kind of changes you decide to make to your kitchen, every bit you do will help to renew your spirit while also increasing the value of your home. Start by considering a new countertop or backsplash. When you work with a professional porcelain supplier, you’ll gain the convenience of being able to get both from the same company.