A Few Signs that Your Home has an Electrical Problem


Being a homeowner has many advantages. For one, owning your home will allow you to build equity by paying down your mortgage rather than giving all of your monthly payments to a landlord who uses that money to pay their own mortgage.

With Power Comes Responsibility

You’ll also gain control of any changes that you want to make in your home without having to get them approved by anyone other than city bylaws or regulations. That said, the price of gaining all of this control is that when you own property, you are also the only one who is responsible for maintenance, repairing damage and being vigilant against potential dangers.

Seasonal Dangers

In Canada, there is a higher risk for electrical system failures that cause damage and can lead to fires during the winter months. That’s because this time of year is colder and entices people to use more electricity via their heating systems. It also marks a good time of year to get in contact with Oshawa electrical services to perform a check for any electrical problems that may exist in your home.

Ensuring that you don’t run into issues in your home that can lead to emergencies takes some basic knowledge about what to look for on a daily basis. You might also consider setting aside one day each season to perform a quick check of your home for warning signs. Here are a few of the things that you should watch for regarding your electrical system in particular.

Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips

The circuit breakers in your home might seem annoying if they are frequently tripping. Still, no matter how often it happens, you should appreciate that they exist to prevent dangerous situations from occurring in your home. When your circuit breaker trips, it is usually caused by an overload, so the first step to take is to check to see whether your outlets are overburdened.

If so, you’ll want to unplug any power adapters that allow people in your home to attach too many appliances to your outlets. If you’re still having problems with frequent trips, it is time to contact an electrician in your area.

Buzzing and Flickering

When the lights in your home aren’t functioning properly, it usually isn’t very hard to tell. If you’re experiencing humming or flickering lights or ones that only function occasionally, then it is time to contact an electrician to repair the problem.

Smelling Burning Wires

The only time that a burning electrical smell in your home might be safe is on the first day that you start up your heating system that year and accumulated dust on your radiator burns off. If you’re smelling burning wires at any other time, contact your electrician.

Malfunctioning Outlets and Electrical Shocks

When hooking up appliances to your power outlets should never feel electricity hit your body. Even if you’ve only experienced a mild shock, it could be a sign of a larger problem. Contact an electrician to ensure that someone in your home doesn’t end up getting injured.

Damage to Wires

In most cases, when rodents or any other mishap has caused damage to the wiring in your home, you won’t see it happening. Instead, you’ll find the problem when your electrical system fails to function properly. That said, if you do notice any wires in your home that contain exposed copper, contact an electrician to get them repaired.

When your electricity exhibits some fault, you may decide that the problem is merely inconvenient and decide to ignore it. What many homeowners do not realize is that this could lead to a serious disaster, such as a house fire. If you notice any of the problems mentioned here in your home, contact an electrician to get them fixed immediately.