Average Water Bill in Adelaide


Does it seem like your water bill is really expensive? How do you know if you’re overpaying for water? How much do other people in Adelaide pay for water?

Some of these questions might come to mind when you open your water bill. Let’s take a look at the average water bill in Adelaide as well as the different parts of your bill.

Sometimes, understanding how your bill works makes it a little easier to pay it. Plus, we’ll talk about a couple of strategies for reducing your water bill. Let’s get to it!

What’s In Your Water Bill?

The water bill is calculated using two charges. The first is a flat fee that everyone pays designed to cover the cost of supplying water to your property.

The second part is the price of the water you use. If you use more water, your bill goes up. Simple.

Well, kind of. There’s also an incentive charge added if your household uses more than a certain amount of water and there are three tiers.

Up until you use more than a certain amount of water you pay tier one charges. Once you go over the allowed amount, you pay tier two charges, which are more expensive. If you use even more water, you’ll jump up to the tier three charge.

Thus, that’s why it seems like your water bill can suddenly jump even if you only used a little more water than normal.

The Cost of Water on Average

On average in Adelaide, a two-person household will spend $135 per 91-day billing cycle. A four-person household will spend $230.

If you are spending more than these averages, you should take a look at your water usage habits. Often, there are simple changes you can make that will help bring down the cost considerably. Most of them don’t even require major lifestyle changes!

Strategies for Reducing Your Water Bill

Reduce water bills in Adelaide with these simple strategies.

Use the Dishwasher

Did you know that hand washing the dishes typically uses more water than a modern, efficient dishwasher? Thus, let your dishwasher handle the dishes and save! Who is going to complain about this one? Just make sure the machine is always full as it uses the same amount of water and energy to wash one dish as it does fifty!

Reuse Your Wash Water

Your laundry water is perfectly acceptable for watering your gardens and lawn. Set up a system to divert and reuse this water and watch your water use fall by a dramatic 10%!

Fix Leaks

Why pay for water you don’t use? You’d be surprised how much water a leak can waste. For example, a dripping tap can waste 60 litres or more of water in a single day! Imagine how quickly this drives up your water bill. For many households, it’s enough to push them over into the second tier of more expensive water!

On Track with Your Water Bill

How are you doing? Are there ways you can conserve water and lower your bill? Try a few of these suggestions and enjoy saving some of your hard-earned money!