Importance Of Heat Pump Repair Evansville IN – Troubleshooting Your Heat Pump Problems


Systems or appliances that are used daily are most likely prone to breakdown, especially when maintenance is ignored. Heat pumps are one of the efficient systems to have around since they can produce both cold and warm air which are convenient during the summer or winter seasons. However, with everyday usage and lack of maintenance, comes one or two system issues. This can happen to any home and anybody who fails to get it checked and turns a blind eye when there’s something unusual going on with it like strange noises. On the bright side, there are ways to troubleshoot your heat pump problems and fix them earlier.

The average lifespan of a heat pump is about 10-15 years when well taken care of. If yours happens to be far from that number of years, then maybe it’s a sign for repairs. It could be that major parts need replacements and there are also a few common problems that are addressed below.

Common Heat Pump Problems And Troubleshooting Methods

  1. Clogged Air Filter

Due to lack of maintenance, it’s only normal that dirt and debris may block the unit or result in a clogged filter. This may cause your heat pump to malfunction in both heating and cooling. For a start, this can be easily solved by cleaning or changing the filter. In some cases, the unit may be blocked from the outside because of snow and ice which can disrupt its functionality. Luckily, this can also be cleared up and your heat pump should be up and running unless there’s a bigger issue.

  1. Tripped Breaker 

A heat pump trips its circuit breaker when it’s pulling too much power and that’s also a good thing since it protects your home from fire due to power overload. However, it also means there’s something wrong going on inside the unit such as dirty filters and condenser coils, compressor malfunction, and also wiring problems. Dealing with a tripped circuit breaker is a lot trickier than most problems, especially with a loose wire connection. The best way to approach this issue is to call a technician as soon as possible. 

  1. Thermostat Malfunction

Thermostats have a few common causes of why it malfunctions, it may not be adjusted correctly, overheating, defects, or maybe it’s just because of its age. Usual signs that the thermostat is broken are inconsistent temperature, the system won’t turn on, short cycling, and if you make changes that the thermostat doesn’t respond to. It can also be the reason why your heat pump won’t produce the desired temperature. If a broken thermostat seems to be the case, calling in experts is the best way to go. This saves you time and ensures that your system is good to go before attempting to turn it on again. 

  1. Not Heating Or Cooling

There can be various reasons as to why your heat pump isn’t working, it can be because of low refrigerant charge, frozen coils, and a broken reversing valve (one of the reasons the system isn’t heating but works in cooling mode). Having low refrigerant affects both heating and cooling mode and it can also mean another problem known as refrigerant leaks. If the system is not working, you can try to ensure if it’s receiving enough power and if you’ve set the thermostat right. Another reason as to why it’s not heating or cooling is because of dirty components. If some signs seem to be severe, maybe it’s time to call in the professionals.

Why Should You Repair Your Heat Pump As Soon As Possible?

  • Comfort

Nothing is more comfortable than a relaxing day in our homes during the winter season with the heat pump working effectively. It can also mean better sleep or naps because you can rest easily without feeling too cold or too warm during different seasons.

Fixing the system shouldn’t take too much of your time since we can hire professionals to get the job done correctly the first time around. You can out to know more. Additionally, ensuring the functionality of any type of HVAC system means better air quality and circulation. Resulting in lesser health problems inside the home that may be caused by unhealthy air.

  • Prevent Costly Repairs

By identifying the problem early on, you can avoid repairs with hefty prices in the future. Oftentimes, when we ignore certain issues, it tends to cause more damage making us spend more on repairs because several parts are failing to function properly. The next time around, it’s better to schedule or plan a system checkup to ensure that everything is going smoothly. Changing filters regularly also aids in keeping your heat pump in its best shape. Additionally, keeping the outer area of the unit clean can help as well.

  • Energy Efficiency

When there’s a few undetectable problems inside your heat pump, it can result in costly energy bills. Whereas the system will have to work harder to achieve your home’s desired temperature using more power to push through. This can be very inconvenient especially for those in Evansville IN where we experience hot and long summers while winters are pretty cold and windy. Although it can be partly cloudy year-round, having a heat pump to give us comfort during difficult weather is quite beneficial. Having your system work 24/7 can result in a hefty price when it uses more power, fixing it, on the other hand, saves you more money in the long run.