6 Benefits Of Installing A Water Softener In Your Home


Many homeowners do not understand the benefits of purchasing a 2020 Kenmore water softener; they merely believe that a water softener is an extra expense that people with too much money can buy. They don’t realize that water softeners are necessary expenses for many households and are just as important as water heaters. Many homes throughout the world are watching their appliances break before their time and don’t know using hard water in their homes could be causing these early deaths. A water softener can protect your household appliances, plumbing, and aid in helping your family stay healthy and clean.

The First Thing to Consider

If you are concerned that your household water might be hard water, there is a simple method to find out. You can order a test to run on your water. By using a water test, you can discover exactly what is in your water and decide what methods you want to use to purify the water and eliminate problem-causing minerals. One of the methods you should consider is installing a water softener into your home. Many websites offer homeowners these water tests so that you can discover the mineral count in your household water.

How Does Water Become Hard?

Water is naturally soft water and is perfectly safe for pipes and appliances. All those expensive appliances in your house have been designed to be used with soft water. Even the soaps you use for household cleaning and personal hygiene were designed specially with soft water in mind. However, water doesn’t always come into your house soft. As soon as water hits the ground, it begins to collect the minerals that are naturally on the ground. These minerals can cause problems for your personal health and can also damage your household appliances. Here are six of the reasons you should consider adding a water softener to your home.

1. Selfcare

How many hours a week do you spend showering? It might seem hard to believe that your water’s mineral level could make it harder for you get clean, but it is very likely. Soaps and shampoos are often specially designed to get you as clean as possible. However, minerals in your water can cause your soaps, shampoos, and body washes to work less thoroughly. This fight between your water and skin care products can cause you to feel dirty as soon as you get out of the tub. Hard water can also bond with shampoos and body washes, creating a substance that is terrible for human skin. This soapy substance can cling to your skin and can be nearly impossible to wash off. It is also likely that this substance of minerals and soap will cling to your skin unnoticed by you. In a very little time this substance clinging to your flesh can cause serious damage to your skin.

Hard water can also build up in your hair. You know those mornings when you spend fifteen minutes washing your hair and find it just looks dirtier? This can be caused by mineral build up. These minerals will cause your hair to change colors, which can be heart breaking after spending hours at the solon. Hard water can also cause your hair to become dull and heavy looking, and cause you to have an overall worn, tired, and unkempt look.

2. Household Appliances and Water Heaters

The minerals in hard water are not natural, therefore they easily come out of the water as they go through your water heaters and other appliances causing build up in the process. These appliances have not been designed to survive hard water, so the build-up of minerals slowly kill your dishwasher and other appliances. When you add a 2020 Kenmore water softener to your home you are making an investment that could save you unwanted replacement bills in the future.

3. Plumbing

The minerals in hard water will also damage your plumbing lines. The same way these hard water minerals damage your appliances they can also damage your plumbing. Have you ever had problems with buildup in your pipes? These build ups quickly cause the pipes to begin leaking. Leaking pipes can cause water damage to your house in hours.

As mentioned earlier, the minerals in hard water separates from water. When it encounters soaps and soap-like products, the two can bond creating a messy substance often mistaken as soap scum. If this substance doesn’t stick to your skin and cause skin irritations, it washes into your pipes and catches hair and other particles. The combination of scum and particles causes clogs in your drains which will block water from leaving your house. With time these scum-built water blocks will damage your home or give you a huge plumbing bill.

Another unknown problem you might encounter when using hard water in your plumbing is the actual damage hard water can cause to pipes. Many people don’t realize the fact that the minerals in hard water can come out of the water and linger inside your metal pipes. These minerals build up in your pipes and slowly cause them to corrode overtime – pipe damage will be a nightmare waiting to happen for your home.

4. Damage to Skin

Over time hard water is also believed to cause skin damage. Your skin was not designed for ground minerals any more than your clothes washer. If skin meets hard water, it is likely to become dry and begin itching. Soaking in a tub of hard water can even cause worse skin damage. When you soak in a tub of hard water you are allowing your skin to encounter unseen minerals. These minerals go into your pores and can cause severe reactions. Hard water can give some people with sensitive skin similar effects to an allergic reaction; their skin becomes dry, itchy, ugly and spotty.

5. Building Your Houses Value with a Water Softener

Although many people in American won’t realize the importance of a water softener, a good realtor will. In the future, you can use the fact that you have protected your plumbing by installing a water softener to entice home buyers. Although a water softener is not known to be as important as a water heater it will tell home buyers that you are not unloading an unwanted half-kept home onto their shoulders.

6. The Health Benefits of Bringing Soft Water to Your Home

Although some studies have led to the belief that consuming hard water helps build stronger bones, there are also studies that present the serious dangers of consuming this mineral laden water. Some studies have pointed towards hard water being linked to Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Even though we tend to evade studies that indicate overtime damage, this is not a problem that any homeowner should ignore.

Other health problems believed to be associated with hard water are eczema and digestive problems. It seems as if hard water is a silent killer; it appears to be helping its victims, but in the end causes serious side effects and possible death. Along with the long list of dangers for your health, hard water is also believed to cause infertility for some of the many people who drink it. The good mineral additives that hard water gives the human body can be consumed by taking over the counter minerals, whereas it is much harder to undo the damaging effects of hard water. This should be taken into consideration by all homeowners.

There is no time like the present to begin taking steps towards a happier, healthier future for you and your family. One of these steps just might be installing a water softener in your home. A 2020 Kenmore water softener can make your life happier, longer, and cut back on repair bills in your future.