Improving Home Appearance With Classic Roof Pattern


So many homeowners in the U.S consider typical roof styles since they are easily available and affordable too. However, these days with technological advancement, there are so many options in the market that it can be quite convenient for the users to make the choice. Undoubtedly asphalt shingles are the most durable options. It is time to explore some other better choices as well that can be functional and add appeal to the home too. Before exploring the Lubbock roofers option, it is important to know more about how well such a remodeling project can be done successfully. After all, a loving roof can improve the house and protect it against leaks too.

Best Roofing Materials for House

To replace an old roof is the profitable idea of home investment. With so many options available at Lubbock roofers, it is quite obvious to wonder how to start with the research. To begin with it is important to choose the right roofing material that can be best suitable for the home. While considering the material, it is important to focus on the cost, longevity, overall appearance, and structural issues as well.

  • Rolled Roofing:

This roofing material is in large format strips which offer convenience. Besides, it is one inexpensive way that can cover the sloped roof building such as a workshop where appearances don’t matter. This material is usually applied with roofing nails or the use of the torch down method is followed. It is considered to be the mainstay for residential roofing with a low slope. It can last for about 10 years without any kind of heavy maintenance rules to follow.

  • Built-Up Roofing (BUR):

Another amazing option amongst the trending material to consider is Built-up roofing (BUR). It is one of the oldest options but certainly is still trending. The materials come with different roofing layers which are also impregnated with asphalt. This application works as a barrier with nearly four-layer thickness. Besides, there is also a crushed stone layer that is blended in the hot tar at the top for better durability. This roofing material can last for at least 30 years.

  • Membrane Roofing

Another idea of a roofing material option to check out at Lubbock roofers is Membrane Roofing. Many membrane types are usually used. It is a low-pitch roof in which the EPDM type of membrane is the popular one. Other common types are Neoprene Polymer-modified bitumen, PVC, and chlorosulfonated polyethylene sheets to name some. EPDM is one synthetic roofing material that is quite similar to rolled asphalt roofing that restricts down the seams number where the water may infiltrate. It can last for 30 years and can be recycled too.

Popular types of roofing

Moving further while exploring different types of roofing at the Lubbock roofers it is important to explore more of the choices. The listed ones are just some of the trending options. Rather there are some other options to focus too.

  • Asphalt shingles:

It is made from mineral, Fiberglass, asphalt composite for creating different colors such as red, gray, brown, and blue too. But the color may fade out as time passes by due to more exposure to the sun. The quality and color of the same may look different depending on whether three table shingles are chosen or the architectural shingles. This affordable yet low maintenance Lubbock roofers option has the individual tile much thicker over the regular three-table layer texture for the roof.

  • Metal Roofing

This is another best choice for many users which has a modern pattern. The metal shingles and sheets are trending because of the material being used such as zinc care and aluminum. It is easy to transport and is affordable too. With less maintenance and aesthetic appeal, this roofing type can also be designed in metal pre-treated with sealants. It is light in weight and comes with a wide range of color choices too.

  • Wood Roofing

One of the most popular options that are known for the charming yet aesthetic appeal is wood roofing. Some of the common building material that is used is redwood, cedar, and pine to name some. It is best for the areas where a wet climate is quite common. It can last for more than 50 years in the dry climate but if it is built-in fire-prone areas like California, it needs to be treated well. Known for curb appeal, a user can give it a try for the next roofing installation.

Tips for Choosing The Right Roofing Designs

Once the type and material of roofing are considered, some factors should be not ignored too. Since options like Lubbock roofers will offer great deals, it is better to make the investment worth it by considering the given below tips.

  • Property location:

Location plays an important role to choose the right design for the roofing. Along with it comes the climatic factor to make the firm decision further. The homeowner living in the area that often has strong winds blowing or risk of frequent cyclones can consider the pyramid or hip roofs option. The home in a high monsoon area should consider a sloped roof like Gambrel or saltbox.

  • Aesthetics:

To improve the value of the home the aesthetic appeal is important too. To create a striking impression for the home, look for a roof made of quality material to give a dramatic effect to the house. Besides, the overall appearance of the roof should be visible from the street itself. The homeowner must focus on the overall design to match with the home’s style and finishing too.

  • Other factors:

Other than this, the price of the construction, installation process and durability are important too. For this expert, Lubbock roofers can give further guidance if required or a friend’s feedback can be helpful too.


With the ultimate guide shared above, it is time to focus on the most prominent part of the house which is a roof that is constantly exposed to different forces and environments.  It is wise to choose the modern styling but it is also important to consider suggestions from those who have recently installed the new roofing system for the house.