Why Plumbing Pipes Make Noise?


Water pipes do create some sound from time to time but if the pipes are making more than usual noise you need to give the issue some consideration. There can be various different reasons those may cause pipes to create sound while water is running through them and if the frequency of the sounds increase it is time that you get your plumbing system inspected by a skilled professional plumber for identifying the potential problems and getting rid of them.

Let us first consider the different types of noise that may come out of water pipes for one reason or another –

  • Banging sounds more likely to be created by water hammer
  • Gurgling sounds are created if there is some kind of obstacle inside the pipes
  • Rattling sounds are created if the pipes are not securely attached to the walls and also from water hammer
  • Humming sound coming of the pipes can be the result of high-water pressure
  • Squeaking sounds are generally the result of a faulty shut-off valve

Common causes of noisy pipes

We have already discussed the common noises that may come out of your plumbing system and any professional plumbers Sydney can help you with expert and quick solutions. Let us take a look at the reasons for which plumbing pipes turn noisy –

  • Air-pockets: Presence of air pockets within a pressurized plumbing system disrupts even flow of water inside it and often creates loud gurgling sounds. This is a very common situation and can be easily solved by completely flushing out the plumbing system after disconnecting the main supply. This is an annoying problem no doubt but it is hardly damaging.
  • Water hammer: This happens when a plumbing valve closes rapidly when the water is flowing. The result is water traveling through the pipe collides with the valve with force and thus creating the sound. If it is ignored for a long time, it can damage the valve but can be easily solved by replacing the malfunctioning valve and any professional plumber can help you in this respect.
  • High pressure of water: If the pressure of flowing water inside the pipes is too high it may create a humming sound and this is also a situation that requires urgent attention. Excessive pressure can make the faucets eject water in spurts or sudden discharges and may cause the fixtures to leak and drip. This situation to require professional attention to be solved.
  • Pipe movement: If the metal fixtures those attach the pipes securely with the walls become loose a thumping or clattering sound is created by the moving pipes. You can solve the problem by calling a plumbing contractor and Pipe relining may easily solve the problem.
  • Hidden leaks and pipe bursts: A major part of your plumbing system is concealed in the walls and if you hear sudden popping sounds or sound of running water inside the walls there is every possibility of a hidden leak and you must immediately call your plumbing service provider for this situation can damage the inner structure of the building.