Spring Cleaning Checklist for the Living Room


Spring is finally here! Open your windows, welcome the beautiful sunshine after months of cold and unpredictable weather, and see how much filth you’ve accumulated throughout the previous season.

Spring is all about revitalization and change, which we inadvertently celebrate by spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is excellent in extensive areas at home, like the living room. You want to walk into the feeling of rejuvenation, which is the very essence of the season.

If you’re living independently and not yet used to spring cleaning your space, keep reading below for a simple checklist, starting with the living room:

Declutter First

Decluttering is a fundamental part of spring cleaning. It means getting rid of what you don’t need to make your space breathable and create room for new items.

Before you declutter, get rid of the trash from under and on top of the furniture. Then, gather small items, such as books and decoration items, like figurines, to determine what you want to keep and discard. You can, of course, donate discarded items rather than throwing them out.

The Proper Way to Dust

Dusting from the top down is the proper way to do it when cleaning any room. Use a microfiber cloth or a duster and start with the ceiling and the walls. Go over the top shelves without all the items placed on them. If you have art pieces and other wall hangings, put them down first so you can dust your whole wall. And don’t forget to make a run on your curtains and windows.

Work your way down, on the light switches, and onto your electronics and furniture pieces. Finally, go over the items that you will place on your shelves and your walls.

This dusting technique prevents dust from contaminating the areas you’ve already cleaned.

Cleaning the Soft Furniture

Sofas and other soft furnishings like throw pillows are susceptible to dirt, especially if you have pets and kids at home running around and jumping on the furniture. It will be a shame if your beautiful furniture piece from places like The Chesterfield Shop gets ruined because you move past cleaning your furniture.

You can dust your cushions and throw pillows underneath the spring daylight. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove the remaining lint and dust. You can wash the covers but check the label first to know how to do it properly.

Run the Vacuum Cleaner

Your vacuum has a lot of attachments to clean different surfaces. For instance, that tube-like attachment with the angled tip helps clean corners and hard-to-reach areas. Use all attachments to eliminate the dust you’ve gathered while dusting from the top down.

The Finishing Touches

Rerun the cloth on surfaces to remove the remaining dust. Go over the knobs and handles. Use a polishing solution on everything that shines, whether wood or glass. Rehang the curtains, your favourite artworks, and all other wall decorations. And finally, put all the small items you’ve retained from decluttering back on their respective shelves.

A Bonus Tip

To maximize that refreshing feel, try incorporating houseplants in your living room. So it’s always spring, even when you’re indoors.

New Space for a New Season

Spring cleaning helps capture that rejuvenating feeling of the season. Mastering these cleaning techniques will help you clean all rooms with no problem.

Take spring cleaning seriously so that you can bask in the season’s beauty indoors and outdoors.

Have fun cleaning!