Why Is Roof Replacement and Repairing Important?


As a homeowner, there’s never any shortage of things that need doing around the house, so it’s understandable why roof repairs might not come out at the forefront. Out of sight is, after all, out of mind, and this is often why we tend to put off roof replacement before it is too late.

Today, we’ll look at why roof replacement and repair is one of the, if not the most important repair jobs you can do in your home, and why you should try to do it as soon as possible.

What exactly do we mean by roof repair?

Roof maintenance basically refers to any repairs or replacements necessary on or around your roof. This begins with checking the condition of your roof at regular intervals, and looking for cracks, gaps, and other damages that might have occurred, in time.

Things to look for when you inspect your roof:

  • Check the ventilation system, to make sure turbines and vents are undamaged, and working properly;
  • Look for missing shingles, displaced or missing caulking, or other elements holding the roof together;
  • Remove debris, like leaves, branches, and other items that may stick together and prevent the natural flow of water off your roof. In time, this accidental dam can lead to excess moisture on your roof, and subsequent damage to your attic;
  • Look for signs of animal intrusion – a lot of wild animals utilize the roof as an accessible, yet out of sight (for you, at least) entry point into your warm home; so while you’re up here, look for entry signs like holes, cracks, broken window structures, and missing shingles. Visit fcproservices.com for wildlife removal;

What should you do if you discover damage?

Well, first of all, it really depends on the type of damage, and the extent to which your roof has been affected. While some problems (like the accumulation of debris) may be handled on your own, others will require the work of a specialist.

Ideally, assess the situation and determine whether or not you could reasonably handle the repair on your own. Don’t skimp – many homeowners try to do DIY repairs around the house to save a buck or two, but that ends up being inefficient in the long run, and only ends up with more damage (and costing more, to boot!).

If you feel the roof repairs necessary are more than you can handle, you can find a roof contractor here.

Why is roof maintenance important?

Okay, so we’ve established what comprises roof maintenance, in a general sense, but why should you care? Why is repairing so important and urgent? Well, a number of reasons, actually.

1. It’s preventive.

It may seem overkill to “waste” precious time checking your roof every few months or so, when there’s no visible problem. But the fact is a small repair now can end up saving you thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs in the future.

Better yet, a contractor can spot early warning signs before they actually spiral into a full-fledged problem for you.

2. It increases the value of your home.

Sure, you’re not looking to sell your home right now, but you might, at some point in the future. When you do, you’ll want your home to be in tip-top condition, as that will allow you to earn a better price for the house than you would if it was unkempt and damaged.

While you may not pay much attention to your roof on a daily basis, people viewing your home for the first time may notice the roof as one of the decisive factors of their impression of your house.

3. It keeps other problems away.

As we’ve seen, a common side effect of a damaged roof is a wildlife infestation. In turn, such an event exposes you to various unpleasantries, and health risks (thanks to the many diseases that wild animals typically carry).

So at the end of the day, you’re not just fixing a small hole in your roof: you’re keeping wildlife away, expanding the lifespan of your roof, increasing the market value of your home… and most of all, you are scoring some much-needed peace of mind for you and your loved ones!