Common Boiler Problems and How You Should Be Fixing Them


Boilers are solid and sturdy. Although they are complex, they are built in a way that doesn’t require them to undergo regular repairs and maintenance. That’s probably one of the best things about a new boiler. But what if you have an old boiler at your place that has stopped working as it used to? If such are your concerns, here are some solutions for common boiler problems. Don’t forget to consult your home warranty provider to enlist and pay for a certified technician if the problems seem a bit too serious for you to DIY.

An issue called kettling

If you have had your boiler repaired a couple of times already, you will know about kettling. It is a major problem that is common to the most boilers. You can recognize it by the sound your boiler makes. If you hear loud banging or rumbling from your boiler, it’s kettling.

This problem is caused due to an excess of minerals in your water supply. They get deposited in your boiler and cause changes in pressure levels in your tank. If any such thing happens to your boiler, we recommend you seek professional help since it could be dangerous to try to solve it by yourself. You can always call the boiler repair technician before it becomes a bigger problem. Getting a new boiler could save you time and money in the long run. 

Matters with dripping and leaking

Sometimes people freak out when they see their boiler dripping water. They think their boiler is cracked somehow and hurry to call the boiler repair technician. In some cases, this may be a reason for serious concern, but boilers often leak just because of condensation.

You can wipe the surface and see if it is just condensation on your boiler or if it is actually leaking. If it is just condensation, you can relax; however, if it is a major leak from your main tank, you need to call a boiler repair company before it is too late. 

Pilot problems

The pilot light has evolved. Nowadays, it is not the same thing from the past when it used to be a tiny flame that ran all day, ensuring that heat was always available. These days it’s electronic ignition, a technologically advanced method of sensing temperature and igniting the boiler when necessary.

You need to check which kind of boiler you have. If it is an old one, you probably have the old flame pilot, and you need to light it on yourself when it goes out. If you have an advanced electronic ignition pilot that is malfunctioning, you will need to call the heating technicians to diagnose the pilot and fix the ignition system issues.

Issues with the heating

Sometimes our boilers stop heating properly. No heat calls from the boiler are found on the main control panel, and an alarm sound can accompany them. When you hear such alarms, it could be a minor problem with the pilot or a more complicated situation such as issues with the safety switch, a pump or a malfunctioning thermostat. In any case, you should fix these issues immediately. The best thing to do is to call a professional technician.

Final thoughts

You can always learn from the experts when they come to your place to solve boiler issues. Having the knowledge can help you save time and money by being able to fix the problem yourself.

But if you do not know what to do, never attempt to meddle with your boiler. You may put your life at risk. In such cases, you must call a qualified heating technician or consider a boiler repair company.