7 Signs You Require Furnace Repair in Spring, TX


You hear strange noises, and you’re curious if a furnace repair in Spring, TX, is on the horizon. With the warm weather in the region, it’s not too often that we hear our furnaces running. So, when they kick on in the winter months, you may be a little anxious about what the different sounds mean or other unusual events taking place when it’s in operation. To know for sure when it’s time to call in the professionals, take a look at the top seven signs a furnace repair in Spring, TX is required.

  1. Strange furnace smells often point to furnace repair
  2. Utility bills are higher than the standard rate
  3. Your unit won’t heat evenly
  4. The carbon monoxide detector is alerting
  5. Noises that are loud or unfamiliar
  6. There is little or no airflow through the vents
  7. The heating system runs continuously

As you can see, there are plenty of indicators that point to a furnace repair service being needed. However, you don’t want to call in a professional if you’re unsure. The dishonest ones will cheat you out of money. It’s best to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible before reaching out. So, here is more detailed information on furnace problems and when you should contact an HVAC technician for furnace repair in Spring TX.

1. Furnace Repair in Spring, TX for Strange Smells

What causes odd odors to come from your furnace? When your furnace installation is first done, it is normal for smells to come out of the unit. However, after some time, those odors should dissipate. If they don’t, or if you notice smells that suddenly appear, it could mean that there is a problem with the system’s combustion.

2. Do High Utility Bills Indicate You Need a Furnace Repair in Spring, TX?

Your heating bills should be relatively predictable. You likely know what to expect every month when opening the mailbox. However, if you see that number owed growing every month, it could signify that there’s something wrong with the furnace and you need service. How can you check if your furnace is working properly? First, pay attention to the outside temperature and set the thermostat consistently. If there are increases in your energy bill that don’t make sense, then it’s time to call in a professional.

3. Uneven Heating Throughout Your Home

Do you walk into one room and get a chill? Then, you move on to the next and need to start peeling off layers of clothes because it’s so warm? If so, then your furnace is heating inconsistently throughout the house, and the only reason that typically happens is that there is a need for a furnace repair.

Tip: Your basement will be colder than the upstairs. Nevertheless, check the evenness of temperatures in rooms with similar environments to determine the consistency throughout the home.

4. Your Cabon Monoxide Detector is Alarming You – That’s an Emergency Furnace Repair for Spring, TX Homeowners! Call Right Away!

How can you tell if your furnace is working properly? Your carbon monoxide detector going off is one of the most significant indicators of a severe problem that requires immediate attention. Not only is your furnace going out, but you could be risking your health and safety and your family’s.

A cracked heat exchanger leads to gas leaks, and the colorless, odorless gasses that escape are deadly. So never wait to call a heating and cooling company and get out of the house right away!

5. Loud and Unfamiliar Noises

When your furnace is working as intended, you will likely hear a quiet whirring sound, or you might not hear anything at all. However, if you start noticing groans, rattles, irregular humming, banging, rattling, or other strange noises, your furnace could be on the verge of going out.

Take a bit and listen to see if the noises come back when the furnace turns on or while it’s in operation. If they do, you should schedule a furnace repair appointment. The longer you wait, the higher the risk for a serious malfunction.

6. There’s Little to No Airflow Through the Vents

Will a dirty filter keep your furnace from working? It can. If it becomes clogged, the filter will stop the airflow coming through your vents. You might hear your heating device kick on, but you don’t feel anything coming out when you walk over the vents. That means your furnace is running, costing you money, and you’re not getting anything out of it.

An HVAC company can change your filter and ensure it’s appropriately installed. In addition, if you have clogged air ducts, most contractors will do an air duct cleaning service. That’s why it’s so important to call a professional from the start. Then, you won’t be left scratching your head about what’s wrong after you change the filter yourself.

7. Your Furnace Won’t Shut Off

The one thing that many homeowners dread is a furnace that won’t shut off. It’s essentially like starting your money on fire and watching it burn. If your furnace continuously runs, there’s something wrong with the unit that keeps it from performing what it is meant to do.

Diagnosing why a furnace won’t shut off is something that a qualified HVAC technician is capable of doing rather quickly. So instead of sitting around wondering what’s wrong with your furnace, reach out to your preferred provider and stop the problem in its tracks.

Call in the Experts for Professional Furnace Repair in Spring, TX

It may be tempting to try and fix your furnace on your own. However, be aware that it’s a lot more complex when you open the system than what it looks like from the outside. In addition, if there’s a warranty on your heating unit and you work on it yourself, you could void that, making it impossible to get a replacement in the event it can’t be repaired.

Take the time to evaluate the indicators listed here about signs a furnace repair in Spring, TX, or anywhere really, is needed. If one, two, or all of them sound familiar, you need to call a qualified HVAC contractor right away. The quicker you get to your furnace repair, the more affordable the service is guaranteed to be.