How Much Does it Cost to Patch a Roof Leak in Florida?


There is no questioning that the state of Florida gets more than its fair share of rain. Making sure your roof is doing its main job of keeping the rainwater out of your home is all that more important. Unfortunately, things sometimes go wrong and older roofs are prone to leaks.

While a leaky roof can cause a major headache for you as a homeowner you may have some options. A small leak or two does not necessarily mean that you need to replace the roof or go through some major roof repair project. If your roof is otherwise in fairly decent shape you might be able to hire a roofing contractor to simply patch the damaged part of the roof. However, if the condition of your roof is on the rough side, you may not have a lot of options and roof replacement might be your best bet.

Why does my roof leak when it rains?

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as you might think. There are several reasons your roof might leak when it rains and not all of them require an expensive repair. For example, the leak might not be coming from your roof at all, your plumbing could be to blame. If there is an issue with your ventilation fan duct, this could lead to some leaking when it rains. Your home’s chimney can be another reason you are seeing leaking issues. Chimneys can pose several issues that lead to leaking and in fact, homes with chimneys are more likely to experience leaks.

Like chimneys, homes with skylights are also more likely to have issues with leaks. But of course, a leak can be caused by problems with your roof. When the underlayment or roofing felt deteriorates, your roof will become susceptible to leaking. A leaky rooftop could also mean your shingles are coming to the end of their usefulness, nothing lasts forever. Or you may just have a small hole or other roofing damage that can be patched. It can be hard to tell, your roofer will be able to get to the bottom of this mystery for you.

How long can I let a leak in my roof go before it needs to be fixed?

While there is never a convenient time for your roof to leak, it will likely happen at the most inconvenient time for you. So, how long can you let a leak go before it causes some serious damage to your home? The answer is that it is hard to tell. There are a good deal of factors that determine the extent to which a leak will harm your home. If it does not rain often where you live, you can probably go a little bit before it is showing an issue.

But this is Florida and a little water can go a long way. Plus, rainfall is not often lacking here. It is better to have your roof repaired as soon as possible. Water damage and biological growth can occur rather quickly in Orlando.

How do I stop my roof from leaking during a heavy rainstorm?

If you notice your roof is leaking during a storm and there is not a roofer available, you may need a temporary fix to stop the incoming water. Now, this is extremely important, it is not safe to climb the outside of your roof while it is raining. Patch the hole from inside. Do not risk climbing a ladder or walking around on a wet roof.

If you notice a small to medium-ish leak during a storm, grab some caulk or temporary tape and use that to fill the leak. This is not a long-term solution, you will still need a roofer to come to your home and repair your ceiling. For larger leaks, you may try stapling a waterproof tarp over the leak to help you get through the storm and give your roofer a chance to get to your home.

How much does roof repair cost in Florida?

Unfortunately, there is not a simple answer to the cost of roof repair in Florida. Again, there are way too many factors to give you a precise number. From the scope of work, to total the amount of damage that must be fixed, and the type and quality of the materials the roofer needs, there is a lot they will go into the estimate.

But to give you an idea, a wide idea, that is, the average cost of a roof repair in Florida can range from anywhere from $377 all the way to $1,662. So, as you can see, the cost of roof repair in Florida really does vary by the size and scope of the project.

Why would I want to patch my roof over replacing it?

The main reason you may consider patching your roof versus just going ahead and replacing it is the concerns over costs. While $377 to $1,662 for a roof repair is still a good deal of money, it is a drop in the bucket compared to the costs of replacing the whole roof. That is why many people will opt to patch a leak and try to prolong the life of their roof.

This is an okay strategy if your roof is in otherwise decent shape. Choosing to patch a leak might give you a little more time before having to replace it. However, there are no guarantees and you might find yourself in the situation where you pay to patch your roof and the patch fails after a couple of months. Then you are out the cost of the patching and still have to replace your roof. Your roofing contractor will advise you on your best options.

Final thoughts on dealing with roof repair in Florida

A leaky roof is no fun and can cause you as a homeowner a lot of stress. If you notice a leak in your roof when it rains the best thing you can do is try not to panic because you will not know what the true cause of the leak is or how bad the damage is. Call your roofer to come and inspect your roof and provide you with options on how to move forward with roof repair.