Ways to Cool Down a Room Fast


It doesn’t take much time for your home to fill with stifling hot air if a heat wave arrives suddenly. Until you know it, you’re sweating profusely and in desperate need of air conditioning from Design Air to cool down your house.

Luckily, when it comes to getting some shut-eye on a hot day, there are many ways to go about it. Try these tips to get almost immediate relief from the sweltering heat:

Upgrade to LED bulbs.

Use as little and as low a light source as possible, since they all emit some heat. If you’ve not already, upgrade to LEDs from incandescent lights to save money on electricity.

Use a hammock to dry clothes and a sink to clean dishes.

During the warmest part of the day, avoid using your washing machine, clothes dryer, and dishwasher, which generate a lot of heat.

Practice regular shutdowns of electronic devices.

It’s handy to leave your computer and accessories on all the time, but it raises the temperature in the room. Once you call it a day, turn them off to help maintain your room cool and save money on your power bill.

Install honeycomb shades or insulated curtains.

Don’t forget that throughout the day, the sun’s rays may severely heat up your room. This is particularly true for windows facing south or west; fortunately, covering them with honeycomb shades or insulated curtains gives another layer of protection from the sun’s rays.

Develop a spontaneous convection flow.

It is best to raise the bottom pane and decrease the top pane of double-hung windows in order to create two holes in each one of them. This permits cold air to circulate at the bottom of the container. The top sash allows hot air to escape rather than being trapped by the ceiling.

Initiate a cross-wind.

Ensure that air is flowing in and out of your home from one direction alone. If your bedroom has two windows, place a fan in one and open the other to let in the fresh air. Having the door open in rooms with just one window enables for a cross-breeze to come in from the rest of the home.

Make exhaust fans out of ordinary fans.

By directing them out the upper-floor windows and leaving all the doors open, you may transform huge fans into complete-home exhaust fans. This will eliminate the heat from higher floors while bringing cold air from the first level up to the top levels.

Take cold showers often.

When you let the hair air dry, you’ll be able to enjoy the advantages of cool water for a longer period of time. As the evaporation continues, you’ll be comfy for a few hours.

Summing Up

Even if you don’t mind using a few techniques to chill your space, installing an air conditioner is the most efficient method to do it. Window air conditioners are quite affordable and better at cooling the air than central air conditioners if you don’t have one already.