How to Prepare Your House for the Winter Season


Winter is approaching – depending on where you live, you might also expect storms and eventual power cuts.

There might as well be warnings about a colder winter season than ever before. Given the harsh weather predictions, you might want to prepare for your health, car, and home.

Here are crucial ways to ensure that you are well-prepared for the approaching cold weather.

Read on to learn more!

Assess Your Exterior Space

First things first – you will want to ensure that the exterior space of your house is ready for the harsh weather.

During the winter, the sewer vent can freeze, so you might want professional help from Sewer Line Locating Longmont. So, while prepping outer space, you should also look out for tell-tale signs of a frozen vent.

For instance, if your toilet is too slow to flush, you will want to call the plumber immediately, as keeping things unattended only worsens it.

When it comes to your house’s exterior space, assess your house’s roof and look for loose and cracked tiles. If you have never climbed the roof before, you might ask a professional roofer to do the needful.

Make sure all gutters and drains have no debris, as a buildup of debris and leaves can cause water damage or leakage. While assessing your exterior space, you might as well look for other things that need to be attended to, such as changing a light bulb, fixing a cracked driveway, and so on.

You can prevent unwanted winter surprises by sorting the issues straight away.

Get the Boiler Serviced

Don’t take your boiler for granted – if it breaks down, it can leave you with cold water in the middle of harsh winter. So, you might want to get your boiler serviced before the cold winter season kicks in.

There are other precautionary measures that you can take to maintain your heating system and prevent it from breaking down.

For instance, you might want to do the following:

  • Bleed your radiators.
  • Insulate pipes.
  • Insulate the hot water tank.

These preventive steps can also prevent massive financial loss, and you can save money on your annual energy bills as well.

Assess Your Lawn

When it comes to the exterior space, you will want to ensure that your backyard is waterproofed. During the fall season, you will want to look out for anything that could be blown away from a storm or harsh rain/ snow.

You might want to take your garden furniture and trampoline indoors – keeping it safe for the warmer season. The garden trees might have grown during the summer, so trimming the branches could be a good idea to prevent potential damage to your property.

The leaves on the trees might have grown over the summer season, which, if not cleared, might lead to clogged drains and gutters.

During fall, leaves might have already started shedding from the trees, so don’t let the leaves amount to a mess – but make an effort to do the needful right now. Rake the leaves up and discard them at a proper place. This way, you can prevent the leaves from turning into slip hazards.

Prepare for a Potential Power Cut

Although severe winters aren’t a regular occurrence, preparing for the harsh winter season, including a potential power cut, is still recommended. And if you have a survival backpack ready, you will find it easier to handle and manage things – in case they go down.

When it comes to a survival backpack, a high-quality torch is a mandatory part of it. Nonetheless, no torch is good without a pair of potent batteries. The torch will make a great alternative to your smartphone – and it is also a safe alternative to candles.

Nonetheless, having candles can also render some benefits – just make sure to keep waterproof matches. While you might be stocking up on batteries, it might also be a good idea to assess the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Don’t forget to insulate your house to prevent heat from escaping. You don’t necessarily have to call a professional insulator, as you can do the DIY insulation project yourself. So, make sure to insulate your walls and floors before the winter kicks in.