Should You Build A Swimming Pool In the Fall


The fall season can be a great time to have your fibreglass pool built. While the best season to get your pool installed is usually spring, it can also be more expensive to have your pool installed then. This is because pool builders are usually busy through the spring season. You would need to book their services as early as winter if you want your pool built in the springtime.

Many people want their pools to be built during spring, so the pool is ready for use by summer. This makes finding pool builders to build your pool during spring more difficult. A cheaper alternative is to get your pool built during the off-season.

When it comes to the off-season for building swimming pools, you can choose between fall and winter. The winter season, depending on where you live, may not be perfect for pool building, especially if it snows in your area. The fall season, on the other hand, is perfect.

Building A Fibreglass Pool During Fall

You may think it’s counterintuitive to have your fibreglass pool installed during the fall season. But there are some definite advantages that you should know about. These include:

1. Finding Good Contractors

Pool builders aren’t usually busy during the fall season. The spring season is peak time for building pools, and their work can carry into the summer months as well. But by the time fall rolls around, swimming season is over. This means that pool builders will have less to do. You can also get your pool built for a less expensive price, than if you decided to build your pool during spring.

There’s another advantage you should know about as well. During the fall season, you can hire quality pool builders, as compared to pool builders who don’t have great references. Quality pool builders will also be free during the pool season, and you can get a trusted professional to build your fibreglass pool for you. You can even hire the services of the pool builder, specifically for the fall season, as early as spring or summer. It’s best not to wait till the fall season starts to look for a pool builder, to ensure that you can hire the services of the pool builder you want.

2. Temperatures Are Moderate

During the fall season, the temperatures outside are moderate. It can be comfortable to work in such temperatures. During the summer months, the construction team are usually in a rush. The first reason for this is that they want to ensure that they can build the sydney swimming pool fast enough for you to use it that summer. The second reason is the intolerable heat – the builders want to get their jobs done fast, so they can go inside and cool down.

But this isn’t an issue in the fall season. The pool builders won’t be in a hurry to build your pool since the summer season is far away. They can take their time, and do quality work as well since the temperature won’t be bothering them. They’ll be able to devote their full attention to building your pool.

3. Pool Landscaping

Once your fibreglass pool has been built, you’ll probably want to landscape around it. During spring and summer, it can be too hot to do landscaping work. In the same way pool builders will be in a rush to finish the work because of the heat, you will want to hurry too. The fall season is comparatively cooler and gives you the freedom to slowly landscape your yard.

If you hire a landscape designer, then it will be the off-season for them as well. This means that they can devote more time and energy to landscaping your pool. You can also slowly add to your pool landscape, such that your backyard is ready by the time the next pool season comes around.

4. Get the Pool Built In Time For The Pool Season

When you get your pool installed during the fall season, you probably aren’t thinking of using it as soon as it’s installed. You’ll need to wait through the winter season, as well as early spring before you can start using your pool. Otherwise, if you don’t have a pool heater, the water in your pool could be too cold.

When you get your pool installed during the spring or summer months, you’re in a rush to get the work done as soon as possible. If there are freak weather events, storms, or even spells of rain, then this can disrupt the pool-building process. It will take more time to build your fibreglass pool. Should you decide to get your pool installed during the fall season, however, then you have ample time to get the pool installed before the next swimming season.

Even if there is rain or a storm, your pool builders still have plenty of time to properly install your pool. You can also rest easy with the knowledge that by the time the next summer season comes around, your pool will be ready for use.

5. Delaying The Construction Of The Pool Deck

Once your fibreglass pool is installed, the next step is to install the pool deck that surrounds it. This can both be expensive and time-consuming. If you’re worried about your budget, then get your pool installed during the fall season. Then, you can save up money over the winter season, and get your pool deck installed around spring.

You can book the services of the pool builder who installed your pool, to work on your pool deck, next spring. Not only will this be easier on you financially, you’ll also be able to book the services of the pool builder before the springtime rush.


There are several advantages to getting your pool installed during the fall season. If you’re thinking of getting a spa installed as well, then the wintertime can be perfect for using it. When you get your pool installed during fall, you can hire the services of quality pool builders, enjoy pleasant weather during the pool building process, and more. If you want to ensure that your pool is ready for use by the time the next swimming season comes around, then consider getting it installed during fall.