Learn More About The Stages Of Construction When Building A New Home


If you have ever wondered what goes into building a new home and how those big, beautiful homes get built from the ground up, in this blog post, we’ll take you through the different stages of construction when building a new home.

From start to finish, it’s a long and complicated process, but it’s worth it when you get the keys to your new home. So, let’s take a closer look at the stages of construction when building a new home.


For a home-building company, the first stage of construction is the foundation. This is arguably the most critical stage because your house could collapse without a strong foundation. The foundation is built by excavating the building site and pouring concrete footings and walls. Once the foundation has healed, framing can begin.

Frame Complete

For a home-building company, the frame is the wooden skeleton of your future home. It’s built by nailing together lumber to create walls, floors, and ceilings. The structure must be designed to meet local building codes and regulations. Once the system is complete, windows and shingles can be installed.

Windows and Shingles

Windows and shingles are installed to protect your home from the elements. Windows let in natural light and fresh air, while shingles keep out rain, snow, and wind. After windows and shingles are installed, your home is ready for drywall.


Choosing your drywall and other finishes in your home is essential. Wood trim adds a finishing touch to your walls and doors while protecting them from damage. The frame can be made from wood, plastic, or metal.

Drywall is hung on your home’s frame and then taped and sanded to create smooth walls and ceilings. Choosing trim that compliments your drywall and other finishes in your home is essential.

Kitchen, Bath, and Countertops

Kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, and countertops add form and function to your home. They’re also usually one of the most expensive items in a new home, so it’s essential to choose wisely.

Carpet and Flooring Installed

Carpet or flooring protects your home from dirt and damage while adding comfort and style. Carpet or flooring is generally installed after all major fixtures are in place. Once carpet or flooring is installed, builder acceptance can begin.

Builder Acceptance

Builder acceptance is when The Jones Company walks through your home to ensure everything has been completed according to plan and up to code. If there are any issues, they will be noted at this time so they can be fixed before homeowner acceptance begins.

Homeowner Acceptance

Homeowner acceptance is when you, as the homeowner, walk through your new home with the home-building company to ensure that you’re happy with everything that’s been done. After homeowner acceptance, you’ll receive the keys to your brand-new home sweet home.

The Stages Of Construction With A Home-Building Company – In Conclusion

Building a new home is no small feat. There are so many different stages of construction that need to be completed before you can even think about moving in. But once you get those keys in hand from your home-building company, it will all be worth it. This blog post gave you a better understanding of what goes into building a new home from start to finish.