The Different Design Styles of Ukio


Lately, many people prefer to make the apartment as a place for themselves. This is because the apartment has facilities that make it more attractive. Besides that, the apartment is often made in the middle of the city center so that it is close to shopping centers, hospitals, and so forth.

However, the area of the apartment is indeed smaller when compared to home. Therefore, in making the apartment feel comfortable, you need to make it look attractive. So, choose the right apartment designer like which provides beautifully designed apartments.

Each designer has their own characteristics that make them different. Points of beauty and comfort are described in their own words to form a charming apartment. So, here are the different design styles of Ukio!

1. Canena

This apartment has an area of 56 square meters. The look showcases the beauty of Berlina architecture paired with a unique meadow design. The combination of olive and white colors gives freshness to the apartment. Very fitting when combined with other neutral colors. Bringing natural freshness into the apartment and making it feel so comfortable.

The bedroom in the Canena apartment design is equipped with a queen size bed which makes it feel so cozy. Sun-drenched windows for the bedroom present a natural light that makes it look pretty and warm in the evening.

The open plan concept applied to this apartment gives a wider effect which makes it feel more comfortable. Another broad effect is also provided by the use of glass doors which make the outdoor and indoor look together.

2. Baya

This apartment has one bedroom and one bathroom. The bedroom is equipped with a soft bed that can make sleep quality. The bathroom is also equipped with a shower and towels.

For appearance, Baya apartment has a more luxurious and elegant look. The use of neutral colors brings peace to the atmosphere which makes the apartment feel so calm and comfortable. There are also some green plants as a refresher for the view and air.

The main lighting in this apartment is natural lighting. That way, the colors and elements in the apartment look more alive. This is what makes Baya’s apartment look so attractive, especially during the day.

3. Zaba

Zaba is an apartment with an elegant appearance. The appearance is made more shady by combining gray and white. That way, calm can be present properly.

Natural elements are good enough to fill the room. Starting from a rattan chair for a modern small dining area. The on the dining table is decorated with simple plants and aromatherapy candles which add to the serenity of the room.

In the living area, there is a small workspace for work which is located behind the sofa. As a barrier between the workspace, dining area, and living area, a black rug is used in the living area. Having a rug also makes this apartment feel more spacious.

Final Words

The three points above are some of the Different Design Styles of Ukio. Each style has its own character that makes it different from the others. There are those that look fresh and lively with a touch of green, there are also those that appear elegant and shady with the use of neutral colors. Behind it all, beauty and comfort are the points that are prioritized here.