Wanna Have Bright Bedroom? These Are 6 Best Lighting You Can Pick


Roohome.com – Lighting is one thing that is very important for all rooms. Lighting can also be used as an alternative in making the bedroom look bright and beautiful. So, for you who Wanna Have Bright Bedroom? These Are 6 Best Lighting You Can Pick. So, let’s check it out!

1. String Light

The room is the right place for rest and relaxation. Bringing warm shades into the room will make you feel comfortable being there.

String lights can also be used as wall decorations to make a blank wall look beautiful. Placement of string light near the bed as if highlighting a very important place / the private place in the bedroom.

teenager bedroom decor
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The existence of a lending mirror in the bedroom can be used to make the bedroom look brighter. Decorating this item with a string light will reflect light into the mirror and make the bedroom brighter. You can also hang up some of your memorable photos here.

beautiful bedroom idea
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2. Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Warm bedroom nuances will be dim if given excessive lighting. If you want to make the bedroom look bright while enjoying the warm ambiance of the bedroom, you can apply recessed lighting fixtures to your room.

Recessed Lighting fixtures
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For bedrooms with luxurious designs, recessed lighting fixtures are indeed the most appropriate to use. Gold or silver color in the bedroom will look shining, showing the overall expensive side to the room.

Luxurious bedroom look
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3. Ceiling Fan

Double function items will be much better to use, as well as ceiling fans. Besides air regulation, ceiling fans can also be used to light the bedroom.

You can set it via the remote on the wall. Placing a remote ceiling fan on the bed will make it easier for you when you are lazy to get out of bed.

ceiling fan for bedroom
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For a spacious room, relying on lights from the ceiling fan alone is certainly not enough. Use some additional lights such as string lights, pendants, etc.

4. Sconce Lighting

Giving a sweet touch to the bedroom is very important. Sconce Lighting beside the bed makes the bedroom look much sweeter. This can also be used as a reading light when you are lazy to get out of bed.

sconce lighting bedroom
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5. Hanging Pendant

Hanging pendant is usually used in the kitchen and living room. However, if you want to make your bedroom look attractive, you can use a hanging pendant to lighting the room.

There are so many types and shapes of hanging pendants. You can use this to make your bedroom look attractive. Choose the shape and color of the pendant that fits your bedroom design.

Laying hanging pendat beside the bed is also very fitting to make the bedroom look beautiful. Lighting from a hanging pendant beside the mattress will make it easier for you to move without having to move from this soft and comfortable place.

pendant lamp for bedroom
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6. Table Lamps

The last is indeed the most widely used; table lamp. Table lamps are much more practical to use. Placing a table lamp beside the bed will make it easier for you to turn on or turn off the lights. The presence of a table lamp on the right and left side of the bed will make the bed like a private place. The most comfortable place for relaxation and rest you will get with it.

Table lamps bedroom
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