Know More About Screen Shades


The options for window coverings and treatments are endless. Homeowners sometimes struggle to choose the right window shades for their Orlando homes. It is, therefore, important to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of window coverings before buying them. Learn from professionals or research. Today, we are going to discuss trendy screen shades.

Let us first learn how roller shades differ from Solar screen roller shades.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are window covering made of flat material that covers a window when rolled up or down using a roller function. Unlike shutters or blinds, they don’t have slats and consist of fabric or fabric-like material. They are pretty popular among homeowners in and around Florida.

Solar Screen Roller Shades

Solar shades primary purpose is to regulate the temperature and keep indoors cool. They operate similarly to the roller shades differing in the material construction. They are made from a woven mesh-like material that reduces sun glare and offers excellent UV protection while optimizing the view.

Considerations while buying solar screen shades for your home

Openness – as discussed, solar shades are designed to keep out the sun’s glare without compromising the view. It depends on the openness factor. It refers to the tightness of the fabric weave. In simpler words, solar shades with tighter weaves block more sunlight but offer less view. The higher the openness factor, the looser the weave, and therefore less shading.

Fabric Type – There are broadly three types of solar shade fabric available, each having its own benefit and purpose.

  • Light-colored solar shades: Light-colored fabrics will reflect more light and offers a better outside view. They are suitable for the living room.
  • Dark-colored solar shades: They are also popular as 90% of solar screen shades. They significantly reduce the sun’s glare, making them perfect for increased privacy and restful daytime sleep.
  • High-performance solar shades: They are the best of the three, offering light and dark-colored solar shades. They not only reduce the sun glare to a significant amount but also allow an excellent outside view. They are a perfect choice for a home with a large window or even commercial space.

Privacy Factor – when shopping for solar screen shades, remember how you can enjoy the outside view through the fabric during the day, and outsiders can see indoors at night. This is because the sunlight has gone, and these blinds work in reverse when the light inside is on.

In order to avoid this situation, consider lining the soar shades or pairing them up with curtains. During the day, you can keep the curtains open and enjoy the outside view minus the glare, and at night close them for complete privacy.