18 Tips to Organize Your Workspace: Create A Tidy Space for Work


roohome.com – Workspace is an area where tidiness is an essential point that you should pay attention to. A neat workspace can make you feel more comfortable when working at home. And, it is not difficult to maintain workspace tidiness. Most importantly, you know the tips for organizing your workspace. Starting from organizing your books, setting up your laptop/PC layout, and so on. And, in this article, we have provided 18 Tips for Organizing Your Workspace for those of you who want to Create A Tidy Space for Work. So, let’s check it out!

1. Remove Writing Tools on The Desk

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Some people like to collect stationery with attractive designs. Especially for women, stationery with cute designs and bright colors is often the choice. Writing equipment is indeed pleasing to the eye. However, when you put all this writing equipment on your desk, the appearance of the table will look messy.

To make your desk feel comfortable, you have to purge the clutter there. Avoid putting too many things there. Therefore, never put your writing utensils on the table. You can choose another separate shelf to store these items. Or, you can also store it in a drawer.

2. Install Floating Wall Shelves

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Never keep too much stuff on the desk if you want to make it feel comfortable to work. It would be better to put your items on a separate shelf. Or, if your room is small and does not allow you to use shelves, then making the wall a storage area is a powerful tip you can try. You can install floating wall shelves there. And, it becomes the next of 18 Tips to Organize Your Workspace.

Put all of your files on the floating wall shelves. You can also make floating wall shelves as an attractive area to increase the beauty of your workspace. That way, working there will be more enjoyable. So, try to decorate the floating wall shelves area with one or two small plants. The natural green also can make your workspace feel fresh and comfier.

3. Save Your Items in The Drawers

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Utilizing the remaining area as a workspace is an interesting idea. You can make it feel comfy by making it feel wider. And, installing a floating table is the most appropriate choice.

Choose a floating table that has multiple drawers. That way, you no longer need additional shelves for storage. You can store some of your tools in the drawers. And, let the table area only be filled by a laptop, a table lamp for working at night, and some decorations to add value to the beauty and aesthetics of the workspace.

4. Put Rack Beside The Desk

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In order to feel comfortable while working, the desk area must be made clean and away from clutter. Therefore, do not put too many items on your desk. Just one or two books to write, small plants to refresh, and some other decorations to make this spot look attractive.

As we know that there will be a lot of things when working starting from files, books, writing tools, and so on. And it is impossible to put all this stuff on the desk. Therefore, placing a rack beside the desk is the next of 18 Tips to Organize Your Workspace you can follow. Choose a rack color that matches the interior to make the workspace look harmonious and pretty.

5. Use a Wire Basket

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The wire basket is perfect for a minimalist workspace concept. You can store some of your stuff on the table in one place, starting from books, pen holders filled with pencils and pens, and also a small plant as a refresher. The pink wire basket looks so perfect on the light wood table. Besides that, the same color is also applied to the table lamp and chair which makes the appearance look very simple, sweet, and also harmonious.

6. Use Mini Two-tiered Wooden Shelf

Two-tiered Wooden Shelf
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Using a mini two-tiered wooden shelf is the next of 18 Tips to Organize Your Workspace you can follow. The natural brown color and texture of the wood bring warmth to the room. This one item will be perfect for a workspace with a minimalist and clean concept. The very thick Japanese design is also very suitable for use in Japandi or Japan workspace designs.

You can use a wooden shelf as a place to store small items such as an alarm clock, books, a beautiful mug, a perfume, and aromatherapy candles. Arrange all of these tools neatly to produce a clean and comfortable workspace.

7. Install Wire Grid on The Wall

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Do not let the walls in your workspace look plain. Make dining look attractive by installing wire grids there. Choose a dark wire grid to make it stand out. For example, you can use a black wire grid on a whitewashed wall. Both of these colors are neutral colors so they will look simple when combined.

You can utilize the wire grid to give beauty to the workspace and also as a storage area. There is a small shelf there that you can use to put some books. You can also add a refreshing decoration in the form of small plants there.

8. Use the Drawer Organizer

Drawer Organizer
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It does not matter if your desk does not have a drawer. You can use the drawer organizer. Put this item at a corner of the table to leave a central area that you can work on. With a drawer organizer, you can put some of your small items which if placed on the table can make your work area messy.

Choose the drawer organizer that fits the concept or design of the workspace. For a workspace with a natural and warm concept, you can use a wooden drawer organizer. Wood color will look so sweet when combined with white.

9. Mini Table for Extra Space

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The size of a large laptop can take up a lot of space on your desk. Therefore, putting the mini table in the middle of your desk is the next of 18 Tips to Organize Your Workspace. You can use the upper area as a place to put a laptop. While the bottom area is still empty you can use it to store the keyboard and mouse that you use when working. This method can leave a lot of space on the table which you can use to write a diary or make some notes of your daily activities.

10. Hanging Wall File

Hanging Wall File
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There will be lots of work-related papers, books, or files in the workspace. And, keeping it on the table will only take up space and make the work area cramped. As a result, the workspace becomes uncomfortable. Not only that but the beauty of the workspace is also disturbed. Therefore, using the hanging wall file is the most appropriate way for you to choose.

Install the hanging wall file on an empty wall spot. You can also use this one item as a decoration to fill and decorate your workspace to make it look more aesthetic. The black hanging wall file is perfect for hanging on a white-painted wall.

11. Put Beautiful Mugs for Writing Tools

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As we know that workspace is a place to work. Therefore, do not be surprised if in this area there will be lots of writing tools such as pens, pencils, and several markers with different colors. Putting all writing utensils on the table is not a good idea. This will only take up space and also make a messy table.

To make your stationery look neat, you can use a mug with an attractive design as a place to put your writing utensils. Use several mugs to organize these items. For example, a blue mug for colored pencils, a yellow mug for markers, and a white mug for pencils and pens. Put these mugs on the floating shelves.

12. Install a Board for Your Activity List

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Making notes about the activity to be done or some tasks is a way to keep you in mind. Usually, these notes will be attached to the wall, laptop, or PC. This one habit is certainly not good for the comfort and also the beauty of the workspace. The number of unconditioned notes can make the workspace seem cluttered. Therefore, installing a board on the wall near your workspace is the next of 18 Tips to Organize Your Workspace you can follow.

For a workspace with a simple and calm appearance, choose a board in a neutral color such as black, white, or brown. Black and brown boards are the best to choose from and hang on a white-painted wall.

13. Use Desktop Shelf Organizer

Desktop Shelf Organizer
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It does not matter if you want to save your stuff on the desk (if indeed the drawer is full of stuff). However, you need to use an additional item, namely a desktop shelf organizer. You can use the bottom area for storing notebooks, the middle area for storing some small items, and the top area for decoration that can add to the beauty of the workspace. Here you can put a small calendar, a simple small plant, and a digital clock.

The white desktop shelf organizer is perfect for a white workspace. An all-white appearance will create a cleaner and neater impression. That way, the workspace will feel more comfortable to use.

14. Use Clear Letter Tray

Clear Letter Tray
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The clear letter tray is an additional item that you can use to store some important letters in your workspace. But, you can also use this as a storage place for books. In the upper area, you can place several items which are also decorations that make the workspace look beautiful and aesthetic.

The clear letter tray is perfect for use in a minimalist workspace design. This item has a very simple appearance. There is no color so it will not have any effect on the minimalist concept itself. The corner area of the table is the most appropriate for placing the clear letter tray.

15. Use a 4-Grids Drawer Storage Box

4-Grids Drawer Storage Box
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It is not only the appearance that looks to the eye that you should pay attention to. Some hidden areas are also an important part of the workspace. The drawer area is often the messiest area. Drawers are usually used as a place to store various items. And, being an enclosed area, drawers are often overlooked or overlooked.

Keeping drawers tidy is important. The tidiness of the drawers also influences the comfort of the workspace. And, to keep the contents of the drawers neat and organized, you can use a 4-grid drawer storage box. Make the most of each grid so that the drawers can be filled with lots of items.

16. Use Multi-Grid Pen Holder

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Have a variety of writing tools and are confused about how to make them look neat on the desk? Here, you can use a multi-grid pen holder. There are several places that you can use to separate one type of stationery from another. That way, besides making the appearance neat, this method can also make it easier for you to pick up the stationery you want to use.

You can choose multi-grid holders with neutral colors like white or black. These two colors can go into all kinds of colors so it will avoid the problem of clashes between colors. Not only that, these two colors are also very suitable for workspaces with a clean, minimalist and soothing concept.

17. Use Magazine File Holder

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Try to always organize every item in the work area. You can use the magazine file holder as a place to store books, letters, magazines, or other documents. Use several magazine file holders and make them function differently. To make it easier for you to find the document you want, you can give a note to each magazine file holder.

You can place the magazine file holder on your desk, floating wall shelves, or rack near your desk. There are many designs that you can choose from. Try to choose a magazine file holder with a design that fits your workspace concept. That way, the beauty of the workspace can be maintained properly.

18. Use Mini Bookshelf for Desk

Mini Bookshelf for Desk
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You can not only store books on a bookshelf. You can also put books (especially books that you often use or are currently using) on your desk. However, pay attention to the neatness and layout of these books. You can make it look neat and not take up much space on the desk by using a mini bookshelf like the picture above. This is the last of 18 Tips to Organize Your Workspace you can follow.

Because of its fairly large size, you can place the mini bookshelf in the corner of the table. That way, there is still free space left in the center of the table that you can use for work.

Final Words

Working at home is not a problem as long as you can create a comfortable workspace like in your office. And, it is not difficult to have a comfortable workspace. Here, you just need to focus on comfort. However, pay attention also to the aesthetic value. A beautiful workspace will also make you feel more comfortable. And, having a comfortable and attractive workspace is not difficult. You only need to maintain tidiness and adjust it to the concept or design of your workspace. The points above are 18 Tips for Organizing Your Workspace for those of you who want to Create A Tidy Space for Work. So, happy trying!