How to Maintain a Clean House with Kids and Pets


Cleaning your house may be challenging, especially if you have pets and little children running about. However, it is crucial to maintain your house tidy and secure for your human and animal family members. By adhering to a few straightforward guidelines, you can keep your home clean and organized even while small children and four-legged friends are around.

1. Establish a cleaning schedule

By developing a cleaning regimen, you can stay organized and on top of your cleaning activities. Create a daily checklist for simple activities like wiping off countertops and washing the dishes, and set aside particular days for an extensive cleaning, such as vacuuming or mopping. You may prevent feeling overwhelmed and keep your home clean by dividing your cleaning duties into small chunks.

2. Engage your children

Including your children in the cleaning process may instill responsibility in them and promote the formation of positive habits. By playing music or giving out modest prizes, assign age-appropriate jobs like tidying up toys or dusting the floor and make it a joyful activity. Children are more likely to take ownership of their cleaning duties and contribute to keeping the house clean if they feel like they are a part of the process.

3. Train your pets

Pets can make a mess in your house, but with the right training, they can also contribute to keeping it tidy. For example, teach your dog to paw-wipe before entering the house, and put a microfiber mop at the door to swiftly clean up muddy tracks. To prevent your cat from scratching up your furniture, ensure it has a designated scratching post. You should also maintain your cat’s litter box clean to prevent unwanted odors.

4. Establish a special cleaning station

Maintaining organization and preventing clutter around the house may be easier with a designated cleaning station. So that you can quickly find them when you need them, keep all of your cleaning products, such as a microfiber mop, cleaning solution, and rags, in one location. It may be simpler to store your cleaning materials when you are through cleaning if they have a dedicated place.

5. Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies

Natural cleaning supplies may be safer for the environment and your family. Use natural substitutes like vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils instead of harsh chemicals. These goods can be more affordable in the long term in addition to being safer.

6. Clean up as you go

Maintaining control of problems before they balloon may be accomplished by cleaning as you go. For instance, if you drop anything on the floor, clean it immediately rather than wait. This also applies to routine duties like cleaning the shower after each use or scrubbing the dishes after every meal. You can stop the mess from worsening by caring for them when they arise.


Although it’s not always simple, keeping a clean home while having children and pets is doable. Make your entire family’s living environment clean and healthy with work and perseverance. You can maintain your house spotless and prevent feeling overwhelmed by implementing a few of these recommendations, such as developing a cleaning regimen, involving your children, and utilizing natural cleaning supplies.