The Impact of Exterior Commercial Painting on Melbourne Businesses


An affordable way to add appeal and draw customers in is through painting. In addition, this simple upgrade can increase market value should you plan on selling the building at some point in the future.

Exterior painting projects often require extensive preparation, including cleaning, scraping, priming and taping. Experts often suggest choosing low or no VOC paints which reduce exposure to fumes.

Revitalising Melbourne’s Business Exteriors: A Guide to Exterior Commercial Painting

A fresh coat of paint can dramatically change the aesthetics of any building, inducing emotions, setting a mood, and giving visitors an idea of what awaits them inside. Therefore, professional painters in Australia should be hired to oversee this project to ensure its timely and budgetary completion and to guarantee desired results are reached.

Exterior painting projects tend to be more intricate and time consuming than interior ones, requiring different materials and adapting for weather conditions in each location. Therefore, before beginning the exterior business painting job, it’s important that painters visit the job site and talk with both client and painters regarding needs for an accurate quote. Typically interior painting costs approximately $10 to $30 per square meter while exterior projects often exceed this due to climate and material costs.

At commercial exterior painting projects, using high-quality weather-resistant paint such as Dulux Weathershield will ensure the final result will last as long as possible. By applying such high-grade weather resistant paints as Dulux Weathershield before painting commences will help avoid cracking or fading over time.

It is also vital that areas be thoroughly prepared prior to starting so any loose surfaces or flaking paint is removed and cleaning with low-pressure hoses is conducted before any sanding takes place if necessary. Selecting an appropriate building color is also of great significance. When making this decision, warm hues tend to evoke feelings of optimism while cool ones convey peace and relaxation.

Selecting durable paint that provides protection from UV radiation is also vitally important. Commercial painters typically utilize acrylic paint with UV inhibitors like these to safeguard against the sun’s damaging rays, helping ensure longer wear-and-tear, better color retention and sheen preservation.

Manage a large-scale commercial painting project is no simple undertaking, and requires meticulous planning and preparation in order to complete correctly and on schedule. That is why hiring an experienced commercial painter with experience working on properties of all sizes is vitally important.

Your options for exterior paints are plentiful, with various formulations to suit any taste or need. Most paints include solvents, additives, pigments and resins as key ingredients; solvents quickly evaporate away while holding pigments and additives together while levelsing and mildew resistance control agents act on dry time levelsing and mildew resistance are controlled through additives; pigments come from powdered minerals or man-made colors used to add hue; resins are what bind all these components when the paint dries out.

Water-based paints offer many advantages, including their wide array of surfaces they can cover: wood, brick, cement and concrete. If you want something even more resilient and long-term than that, there are also high performance acrylic water-based paints designed specifically to withstand weather extremes or heavy foot traffic conditions – these options may even come in the form of high performance water-based acrylics designed specifically for masonry and concrete that may provide better solutions.

Choosing the Right Paint and Techniques for Melbourne’s Climate

An exterior refresh can breathe new life into any business. A fresh coat of paint not only looks good but will attract customers while showing you’re up-to-date with current trends and customer needs. Investing in regular maintenance including painting will increase its market value should you ever plan on selling the business in future.

Not only should the color be considered when selecting paint, but so too should its type and quality. Each type has unique qualities to consider before making a purchase; hallways require hard-wearing paint with easy cleanup while bathrooms necessitate moisture-resistant options to prevent mold growth.

Australia boasts many paint brands to meet every need. To find one that best meets yours, spend a little extra on higher-quality options as these will last longer and look better over cheaper versions; higher quality options tend to be more colourfast so there won’t be as much fade over time.

If you need advice when it comes to choosing the appropriate lighting products, speak to a professional and seek their advice. They may provide several different solutions and help you choose what’s right for your home or business – they could even create custom shades specifically tailored to suit the area in which your property sits.

Once you’ve settled on a color, always test it on a small section of wall before making a definitive decision. This will give you an idea of what the shade will look like within your space and allow you to determine whether its hue works with light conditions in which you plan to use it.

Paint companies typically organize their colors into families, collections and concepts that you might not think to combine yourself – these can make the decision process much simpler and even provide fresh inspiration!

Dulux Weathershield exterior paint is another popular choice, providing outstanding weatherproof protection in any Australian climate (source: Not only is this high-performance coating durable enough to withstand all sorts of Australian climate conditions but it is dirt, mold and UV resistant so your walls will look beautiful for years. Its lifetime guarantee protects against blistering flaking peeling blistering which makes this ideal for use on timber, vinyl gutters and shutters alike.

Just as important as choosing the appropriate paint is choosing a proper painting technique that ensures a long-lasting and seamless finish. Different paints require various preparation methods; it’s essential that you understand all specifics requirements for each before beginning; for instance, some surfaces require sanding before painting to ensure proper adhesion of paint to surfaces.

Australian homeowners looking for house painting techniques have many choices available to them to meet their individual needs and preferences. Choose between classic eggshell/matt finishes or semi-gloss paint for an elegant and sleek look.