20 Decorations and Tips that Beautify Your Bedroom


roohome.com – Whether small or large, the bedroom should be decorated as best as possible. The beautiful appearance will bring tranquility to this room. There are plenty of decorations that you can apply to the bedroom, ranging from easy to difficult, or cheap to expensive. However, behind all that, there are several aspects that you must pay attention to when decorating a bedroom, such as concept, layout, room space, lighting, and also the design of the room itself. That way, harmony in the appearance of the bedroom can be maintained very well. And, in helping you to have a dreamy sanctuary, we have provided 20 Decorations and Tips that Beautify Your Bedroom you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. String Light Around The Window

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The first of 20 Decorations and Tips that Beautify Your Bedroom is to install string lights around the mirror. Apply the exposed window concept to maximize natural light in the bedroom which can bring warmth. This is a good way for a natural or neutral bedroom concept. The natural lighting can make the neutral colors more alive in the bedroom.

Install the string light on the edge of the window. Let the yellow lighting from the string light become the main lighting of the bedroom at night. Yellow lighting brings warmth as well as calm. So, besides making the bedroom look aesthetic, the string light also adds to the comfort of this room.

2. Blue Floral Wallpaper And White Wainscoting

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If you feel your bedroom is too simple or boring, then give the walls a special touch. Here, you don’t need to add furniture, change the decoration, or the layout of the furniture in the bedroom because touching the walls can immediately change the appearance of the bedroom drastically.

Apply white wainscoting at the bottom to the middle of the wall. The bone-white color creates a softer impression in the room. At the top, install blue floral wallpaper which makes the bedroom sweeter but fresher. This decoration also brings a bit of a vintage look to the bedroom.

3. Gold Sconces for White Bedroom

gold sconces
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A white bedroom with a combination of gray creates a soft impression. With minimal decoration, the bedroom atmosphere feels very calming. A little warmth also comes from sunlight which enters the bedroom very freely. Even though it is simple, the bedroom still looks charming and elegant with gold sconces on the wall. The simple design fits perfectly with the concept and bedroom design. Warmth and calm are increasingly bold in the room with yellow lighting in very soft sconces on the white panels.

4. Beautiful Large 3D Painting

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A bedroom with wainscoting actually no longer needs to be decorated because the texture on the walls is good enough to enhance the appearance. However, if you want a more attractive and aesthetic appearance, large 3D painting can be a mainstay. Try to choose a painting with the same color as the interior to maintain a harmonious appearance. Or, you can also use painting to emphasize the concept of the bedroom itself, such as a cherry tree with orange flowers that are exactly the same as those in the corner of the room. This became the next of 20 Decorations and Tips that Beautify Your Bedroom.

5. Greenery The Bedroom

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The next of 20 Decorations and Tips that Beautify Your Bedroom is to greenery the bedroom. This decoration is very suitable for a white bedroom with dominant wood material. A neutral appearance will make it easier to include green there. A touch of green applied in a scattered manner will bring freshness to the bedroom. With this, the resting room is not only beautiful but also comfortable.

Present the color green neatly in the bedroom. Starting from hanging a printed painting with a picture of leaves on a green background. Then move on to the bedside table area, a simple small plant is enough for this area. Expand plants on floating wall shelves. You can also hang the plant on the ceiling for vertical freshness. On the side of the room adjacent to the window or glass door, place large or medium sized plants.

6. A Little Freshness in The Corner

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Don’t just leave the corner of the room empty. Take advantage of the corners of the room to add value to the beauty of your bedroom. Present a refreshing touch in the form of a large plant. A simple plant is the most appropriate option. This can match the interior design, especially minimalist design. A minimalist bedroom with shades of white will look very beautiful and more lively with the presence of a simple large plant.

The white color that neutralizes the appearance makes the green color in the corner of the room visible very clearly. So, even though the green color is not applied scatteredly, it still looks stand out.

7. Large Mirror on The Wall

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The beige-washed wall is deliberately made plain to maintain a simple concept that brings a calm atmosphere to the bedroom. However, so that the room is not too empty, stiff, and boring, hang a large mirror with a wooden frame. There are curved lines at the top which really help cover up the stiff lines in the room which makes the appearance of a simple room smoother. And, so that it is not too empty, the mirror is also accompanied by a beige wooden one which is equipped with a throw pillow and a blanket. The place next to it, that is the corner room, is a very simple green plant, maintaining the simple concept of the bedroom itself.

8. Line Art Painting

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Make an empty corner of the room more attractive with a simple decoration in the form of a line-art painting. The white background makes these paintings look integrated with the wall. The use of different frames makes the appearance much fuller but still simple.

The whitewashed wall with white painting as decoration seems to cover the perpendicular lines and also the dark corners of the room. That way, the bedroom will feel more spacious. With this, this decoration is very suitable for those of you who have a small bedroom.

9. Beautiful Lantern

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It does not matter if you do not want to disturb the concept of your bedroom by changing the layout or bringing other colors into the room. Here, you only need to play with the lighting. Add additional light that not only beautifies the appearance of the bedroom but also makes the bedroom brighter at night. And, lanterns with candles inside are the most appropriate decoration for you to choose. You can put it in the area where you want to make it stand out, such as the corner of the room, cabinet table, and so on.

The candle on the lantern produces yellow lighting which can bring warmth and calm into the bedroom. You can also use candlelight as a night light. This tip can make you sleep better.

10. Timber as Wall Accent

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It’s no problem if you want to apply a minimalist concept to the bedroom. In fact, this will bring calm which makes the bedroom feel comfortable. However, keep in mind, the minimalist concept displays a very simple appearance so the bedroom often feels boring. Therefore, decorate the bedroom properly and correctly so that the decoration does not disturb the minimalist concept of the room. And, installing timber on the walls is the right choice.

Timber installed as wide as the bed looks like a headboard that rises to the ceiling. Vertical installation gives the illusion of a taller wall. The LED light on the ceiling produces light that directly hits the accent wall so that the texture and color of the timber becomes clearer.

11. Sheer Curtain

sheer curtain
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If you want to make your bedroom look perfectly beautiful, then pay attention to every area in the room. Starting from the wall area, middle of the room, door, corner of the room, to the window area. There are not many decorations that you can use on windows. You can only depend on the curtain. However, playing with materials, colors, and installation can add beautiful value to the bedroom.

Installing sheer curtains until they touch the ceiling is the next of 20 Decorations and Tips that Beautify Your Bedroom you can follow. You can let the curtain touch the floor. This tip can give the illusion of high walls which can make the bedroom look more spacious.

Sheer curtains can also be a mainstay for those of you who do not really want a bright bedroom. This is a good light filter device. So, the bedroom remains bright during the day but still feels comfortable.

12. Two Black Sconces Bedroom

black sconces
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The minimalist concept in the bedroom is maintained very well by only relying on three colors, those are white, light grey, and black. White is the main color that makes the room bright. And, black is a decoration that gives a firm but calming effect to the bedroom. Besides that, a touch of black also really helps eliminate stiffness in a minimalist bedroom.

The two black sconces on the wall are the right decoration for this kind of bedroom. They match the picture frame on the white wall. The choice of white light lamps is very appropriate. With this, the white color in the room becomes more lively. And, by installing it in the bed area, you can also use the sconces as reading lights.

13. Black Floating Wall Shelves

black floating wall shelves
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One way to make a small bedroom feel comfortable and also look beautiful is to not use too many items. So, use the wall area as a storage area. Use black floating wall shelves to put your favorite books. Also, put some displays to decorate the walls.

The black floating wall shelves are perfect for the industrial bedroom. It will look bold on the exposed brick wall. Black and brick red seem to work together to provide beauty to the industrial bedroom design.

14. LED Light to Show Off The Texture

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If previously the timber was installed as wide as the bed, then this time the concrete wall is made as wide as the bed. With a low-profile bed, the ceiling looks higher so the bedroom feels more spacious. What’s interesting about the concrete wall is the LED light that decorates it. LED light is installed on the edge of the concrete wall. Yellow light makes gray feel warm. Also, the bedroom atmosphere becomes calmer. Besides that, installing an LED light with light directed at the concrete wall not only makes the gray color more vivid but also makes the texture of the concrete wall look clearer and becomes the focal point in the bedroom. Very interesting, right?

15. Wall Mural Present More Colors Smoothly

wall mural
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It is better to make a small bedroom more minimalist or simple. A comfortable bed and two bedside tables are enough to fill the bed. Next is how you decorate the room. Maybe you can add a rug with a color that matches the wall panel. Or, you can also install long pendant lamps right above the bedside table. Also, try to minimize the quantity of colors in the room so that a minimalist impression can be maintained. But, if you want to present something interesting that can enliven the room, then a wall mural is the most appropriate decoration for you to choose. The flower wall mural is perfect for the girly or feminine bedroom. Soft and fresh colors will look beautiful on the white wall.

16. Scattered Candles

scattered candles
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If you feel that your bedroom no longer needs additional pieces of furniture, displays, or colors, then playing with light is the solution. Here, you can use several candles. Place it scattered in the bed area. Candles produce a very beautiful yellow light, bringing warmth and calm which makes it a bedroom decoration that you must use in winter.

We recommend you to use aromatherapy candles. So, besides the yellow light which gives beauty to the bedroom, the aroma can also add comfort to the room. You can feel more relaxed when resting in your bedroom. With this, hibernation in the bedroom will be a pleasant thing.

17. Hang Photos on The String Light

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String lights are a simple item but can drastically change the look and atmosphere of your bedroom. This item is also very flexible. You can apply it anywhere, in the area you want. With centralized light, the area where the string light is located will immediately become the focal point of the room.

You can make string lights look more attractive by using additional decorations such as photos. Polaroid photos are the most suitable. You can hang the photos on the string light neatly. This is also a way to create a spot in the bedroom that contains your memories.

18. Greenery The Wall

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As the main focus of the room, try to make excellent use of the walls. Make the walls look attractive to add beauty and aesthetic value to the bedroom. You do not need anything expensive or excessive, here, you can rely on synthetic vines. The green color on the whitewashed wall will stand out and radiate freshness perfectly.

Install the vines on one side of the wall adjacent to the bed. This is because the bed is the main spot in the bedroom. Hang the vines vertically for more attractive results. This is also a way to make one side of the wall in the bedroom a source of freshness.

19. Cover The Corner Line with Standing Mirror

standing mirror
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In a small bedroom, the corners of the room are a very risky area. You can make a small bedroom feel comfortable by making it feel more spacious. And, one way is to cover dark corners in the bedroom. Using a standing mirror is an alternative method that you can try. It can cover perpendicular lines at the corners of the room very well. Besides that, a standing mirror is also a decoration that can enhance the appearance of the bedroom. With a few more touches in the form of string lights, rugs, and small plants, the corner of the room will become a perfectly beautiful spot.

20. Cozy Corner Room

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The corner of the bedroom can be transformed into a comfortable and pretty spot at once. In this case, the cozy chair is the main character. Make the chair as comfortable as possible by using a soft seat cushion, a throw pillow, and a blanket that can make it warm. Next, you only need to focus on decorations that can enhance and enliven the corner of the room. You can show off your hats on the wall. Or, you can also change it with the paintings or pictures you like. Also, add the pampas grass that can emphasize the warm nuance and look of the corner of the room. It will be good if you can use a soft rug or sheepskin rug in the corner of the room.

Final Words

As a place for charging your energy, the bedroom must be made as comfortable as possible. However, comfort can come from the beautiful appearance of the room, where the room is far from feeling stiff and boring. Therefore, decoration is an important part here. And, making the bedroom look pretty with the right decoration is not difficult. The most important thing is that you know how to decorate your bedroom. The points above are 20 Decorations and Tips that Beautify Your Bedroom you can follow. However, keep in mind that the decoration you choose must adapt to the concept, layout and design of the bedroom itself. That way, the decoration can blend with the interior and the appearance of the room can remain harmonious. So, good luck!