22 Tips to Make The Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious


roohome.com – No matter how small the bedroom, this room should feel comfortable. As a place to rest and unwind, comfort is an important point that must be considered carefully. Not all decorations, concepts, or designs will be suitable for the small bedroom. Therefore, you have to find decorations, concepts, and designs that fit your bedroom, regardless of your characteristics. One effective way to make a small bedroom feel comfortable is to make it feel more spacious. Through this article, we will help you in having your own cozy small bedroom. So, here are 22 Tips to Make The Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious you can follow!

1. Choose Light Colors

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There are several important aspects that influence the comfort and beauty of a room such as color, decoration, lighting, and so on. And, the first of 22 Tips to Make The Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious is to choose a light color. We recommend choosing neutral colors. White is an alternative color that you can make as the first option for your small bedroom.

Making white the main color in the room can eliminate dark corners there so the room will feel more spacious. Not only that, the small room also becomes brighter so you won’t feel cramped and stuffy in this small room.

2. Coordinate The Flow of Color

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Refine the appearance of the room for a simpler, neater, and cleaner impression. That way, the small bedroom does not look full and messy. You can coordinate the flow of color. Present one color as an accent with different shades. For the walls, choose colors with lighter tones to maintain a bright appearance in the small bedroom. And, choose a darker color tone for small spots. It would be better to present it in the main spot in the bedroom, which is the bed. There is no need to apply it predominantly like all over the bedding, just apply it to the pillows and blankets and leave the bedsheets white.

3. Make The Ceiling Darker

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The eye’s attention will be focused on a different spot. So, by making the ceiling darker than the walls it will attract your eyes. With this, you will look towards the high ceiling. This is very helpful in giving the illusion of walls in a small room so that the room will feel more spacious. This is the next of 22 Tips to Make The Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious you can follow.

If you do not want to paint it a dark color, you can play with natural materials such as wood. Whitewashed walls and wooden ceilings are the perfect combination that can bring a natural feel full of calm and freshness into the bedroom. That way, the room will also feel more comfortable.

4. Use Double-Functional Furniture

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Limited space in the small bedroom requires you to really think creatively and smartly in choosing furniture. Instead of using different furniture in a small bedroom, it would be better to use double-functional furniture. It becomes the next of 22 Tips to Make The Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious.

Choose a bed that can also be used as storage. Currently, there are many frames with the bottom area being a drawer that you can use to store clothes. That way, cupboards are no longer needed in the bedroom. And, you can use the other space as a cozy spot or comfortable workspace area.

5. Remove The Bed Frame

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The next of 22 Tips to Make The Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious is to remove the bedframe. Or, this can also be called bed on the floor style. This tip can give a tall effect on the walls of the room. That way, the small bedroom will feel more spacious.

Some people also think that the bed on the floor style feels more comfortable compared to using a bed frame. This gives a relaxed feel to the room. However, to make it feel more comfortable, use a rug or carpet on the bed. Also, use screened bedding which can brighten your sleeping space.

6. Use Bunkbed

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Another easy way to make the small bedroom feel more spacious is to use a bunk bed. Make the bunkbed more creative by making it have two functions, which are a bed and a comfortable place to work. The top area of the bunkbed is a place for you to sleep. And, the bottom is a place to work or study.

Choosing a white bunk will help brighten the appearance of the room and make the room more spacious. Besides that, it also gives a natural look into the small bedroom.

7. Use Low-Profile Furniture

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When filling or decorating your bedroom, make sure you choose the right furniture. You can fill the room with the furniture you really need. This will really help in saving the space in the small bedroom. However, there is another aspect that you also have to pay attention to, namely the design of the furniture itself. For the small bedroom, it would be better to use low-profile furniture. This method can make the walls in the room look higher so that this small room can feel more spacious.

Do it consistently for maximum results. If you use a low-profile bedframe, then also use a low-profile bedside table. And, so on, just follow.

8. Transparent Furniture is A Good Way

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The transparent furniture looks present but is not present. Because of its transparent appearance, the furniture does not disturb the space in the room at all. You can still see the walls in the room from anywhere. That way, a small room will not feel cramped, and quite the opposite.

Transparent furniture is an easy way to make a small bedroom feel more spacious. For the workspace, you can use a transparent chair. It doesn’t matter if it’s only transparent at the top of the bench while the bottom still looks like iron, black and white because the eye only looks at the room horizontally.

9. Built-in Shelving

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The built-shelves in the small bedroom are the perfect storage or decorative area. Even though the built-in shelves are a storage place, they look like walls so they do not have a cramped or full effect compared to using shelves or installing floating wall shelves.

Create the built-in shelves near the bed. You can make it match the wall by painting it with the same color. However, if you want, make it look attractive, and present different colors. Pastel colors can be an option to give a soft impression to your small bedroom. And, the same color is also present on the pillow on the bed.

10. Avoid The Middle Area

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In making the small bedroom feel more spacious, we have to be smart in utilizing the existing space. By using the same furniture, we must be able to provide more space in the room. Make the empty space wider by not placing large furniture in the middle of the room. So, it is better to place the bed at an angle and touch up to the bedroom wall. That way, there will be a larger empty space that can make you feel more spacious in your small bedroom.

11. Present Large Mirror in The Bedroom

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Many mirror designs currently available add their function as displays to add aesthetic value and beauty to the room. However, the function of the mirror does not stop here. For small bedrooms, mirrors can provide a wider effect which can make it comfortable as a room to relax.

Standing mirrors are the most appropriate type of mirror for the small bedroom. This kind of mirror has a larger size which can reflect a wider room. Leaning it against the wall seems to remove a barrier in the room. And this is what makes the room feel more spacious.

12. Minimize The Quantity of Colors

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One way to make a small room feel comfortable is by not making it full. That way, this small room can avoid the very annoying cramped and stuffy feeling. Therefore, minimizing the number of colors is a very appropriate trick. This is the next of 22 Tips to Make The Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious you can follow.

Choosing just one color for the small bedroom can really make it feel calm. However, this is very risky because it can give a stiff and unattractive effect on the room. Therefore, just choose two or three colors. Use colors that fall into neutral colors. Or, you can choose a pastel color for a more attractive appearance.

13. Take Advantages of Walls

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Try to save space in the small bedroom by using only furniture that is needed. And, avoid using large furniture such as shelves. So, if you want to have storage in the bedroom, just rely on the walls in the room. You can use the wall as a place to store some of your things such as books, photos, storage boxes, and so on. Besides that, you can also put up some interesting displays such as pictures and small plants.

14. Organizing Your Bedroom Well

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Bedrooms often have several items ranging from books, blankets, alarms, and so on. If it is not organized well, the small bedroom will look full, messy, and dirty, which is not very good for the beauty and comfort of the room itself. However, using large shelves to store all these items will really take up the available space and make the room cramped. With this, try to use furniture that has the same function but can also be used as storage, such as a 3-tier rolling storage cart as the bedside table.

15. Create More Space in The Bedroom

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Creating more space in a small bedroom is the next of 22 Tips to Make The Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious you can follow. Here, you only need to focus on the main item which is the bed. The bedroom cannot be called a bedroom if there is no bed there. So, actually just using the only bed for the bedroom is enough. No need for a wardrobe, desk, and so on.

If you think it will look stiff and boring, then play on layered bedding. Use bedding in different colors for a more colorful impression. Next to the bed, you can fill it with wicker baskets for the pillows. Also, decorate the floor with rugs so that it doesn’t look empty and hollow.

16. Add More Lamps

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Lighting is an important aspect of a room. Small rooms need more light to make them look bright so the room is not cramped and stuffy. Not only that, excess lighting can also erase dark corners. That way, the small bedroom will feel more spacious.

Natural lighting is the most important for the bedroom. Make this the main light in the room. However, for the white bedroom, excessive natural lighting can have a disturbing glare effect. So, make sure you filter the light by using white sheer curtains. Provide excess lighting by using additional lights such as string lights. This is the next of 22 Tips to Make The Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious that you can try.

17. One Display is Much Better

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For the small bedroom, it would be better to play with textures to beautify the room. However, if you still want to fill the wall with a display, use one display but in a larger size. So, even if it’s just one, the display will stand out on the bedroom wall.

The spot you choose for the display is also very determining. Because there is only one, hang the display on the main wall, that is the wall at the back of the bed. Adjust the display to the width of the headboard. Place it in the middle.

18. Use High Drapes and Let It Hit The Floor

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The next of 22 Tips to Make The Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious is to use high drapes and let them hit the floor. This is a trick to create the illusion of height on the walls of a room. On the ceiling, leave an empty space as wide as the window in the room. That way, you can hang the curtain even higher. So even though there is a ceiling there, the walls seem to exceed the ceiling.

19. A Sheer Curtain is Better Than a Thick Curtain

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Windows are a way for light to enter the room. And, for small rooms, maximum natural light is needed to eliminate the annoying cramped and stuffy feeling. Therefore, avoid closing windows with curtains. However, if you want to maintain your privacy at home, you can use sheer curtains.

Sheer curtains can also be used for the white small bedroom shades. The dominant white color when illuminated with maximum natural light will create a glare effect in the eyes which is very disturbing. So sheer curtains are needed to filter the light entering the room.

20. Keep Your Room Simple

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The next of 22 Tips to Make The Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious is to keep the room simple. Just fill the room with beds so that there is more free space available in the room. However, this one way is very risky because it can make the room seem stiff, empty, and boring. Therefore, it needs some decoration.

You can still use decorations but make sure to keep it simple. Small indoor plants are the most appropriate decoration for the room. You can place the plants vertically starting from the floor, on the bedside table, and on floating wall shelves.

21. Let The Natural Lighting Enters Freely

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Make natural light enter the room freely by making curtains in the morning. This will really help in making the room bright and removing shadows and dark corners. That way, the small bedroom will feel more spacious.

No need to worry that natural lighting will make the white small bedroom shades seem dazzlingly bright. Everything can be overcome by presenting black and also using more dominant wood materials. Also fill the floor area with a large carpet.

22. Decorate The Floor with Rug

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The last of 22 Tips to Make The Small Bedroom Feel More Spacious is to decorate the floor with a rug. If the drapes create the illusion of height on the walls, the rug creates the illusion of width in the room. However, the size of the rug itself is very determining. Try not to use a rug that is too small or too large to cover the entire surface of the floor. The color of the rug must also be natural to maintain the concept and calm of the bedroom.

Final Words

Creating a comfortable small bedroom is actually not difficult if you know the tips and tricks. The right decoration will give a spacious effect to a small bedroom and make it comfortable. One way is to make white the main color which can eliminate dark corners in the room. For maximum results, apply the 22 points above to your small bedroom. So, good luck and good luck!