Hampton-Style Kitchen Designs in Melbourne


Are you looking to create a warm, inviting kitchen for your home? Perhaps, you should consider the Hampton style kitchen designs. Inspired by the luxurious seaside retreats of The Hamptons on Long Island, New York, they might be the perfect choice for you. It is a coastal-inspired style that showcases crisp white cabinetry, natural textures, and traditional detailing. These features create a light and airy ambience which has resulted in its immense popularity among homeowners.

The Essence of Hampton-Style Kitchens

The Hampton style’s coastal-inspired look can be achieved through carefully selected elements. These features blend seamlessly to form a relaxing yet sophisticated environment. Below are the key elements that define Hampton-style layout:

  1. Colour Palette: These kitchens typically feature a calming palette of white, with hints of soft blues and greys. They convey a sense of tranquillity throughout the room. Hues of navy or sage green can be added for depth and sophistication while maintaining the airy feel.
  1. Cabinetry: Shaker-style cabinets are a signature of Hampton kitchen designs. They are known for their simple looks which include clean, minimalistic lines. Light or whitewashed wood tones are used for the cabinets. Open and closed shelving can be used, according to preference. Instead of a shiny finish, matte is preferred, giving the cabinets an authentic feel.
  1. Benchtops: Natural materials play a significant role in the choice of benchtops. Marble or quartz are popular for their luxurious feel and raw beauty. Alternatively, butcher blocks or wood countertops can be used to add warmth and character to the space.
  1. Flooring: Flooring sets the tone for a Hampton-style kitchen. Many opt for wide-plank timber floors in oak or maple, for a natural aesthetic. Whitewashed finishes are also very popular. Similarly, you can go for patterned tile floors which add to the rustic charm. Remember, it’s essential to choose a flooring option that harmonises with the cabinetry and bench tops for a cohesive look.

Layout and Design Elements

The Hampton style is known for its spacious and welcoming layouts. This setup makes it easy to entertain guests and move around freely. Here are some styling elements of the Hampton-style kitchen designs:

  1. Island Kitchens: A central feature of these setups is the island. It is a big countertop that becomes a gathering spot for family and friends. The extra space can be used for preparing food and casual dining. Adding some pendant lights above creates a welcoming atmosphere for relaxed gatherings.
  1. L-shaped Layouts: The L-shaped kitchen is a smart design. It allows easy movement between the sink, stove and fridge. The layout makes cooking and meal preparation a breeze. The long countertop provides plenty of workspace while keeping things neat.
  1. U-shaped Designs: In larger homes, a U-shaped layout creates a spacious kitchen with cabinets and appliances on three sides. This design enhances functionality while letting multiple people cook together. Extra space, like a breakfast nook or built-in bench seating, adds to the style.
  1. Kitchen Galleries: The galley layout, also called a corridor or parallel layout, has cabinets and benchtops along two parallel walls. Even though it might seem narrow, it’s very practical for smaller homes. Whitewashed shelving and brass hardware add to the Hampton’s vibe. It’s an excellent choice if you want an uncluttered cooking space.

Hampton-style Kitchen Trends in Melbourne

As with any kitchen design, the Hampton style has also evolved with the times. They mix the modern touch with the classic coastal style. Some current trends include:

  1. Integrated Appliances: In the Hampton style, integrated appliances blend into the cabinetry and create a streamlined look. Refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers almost disappear into the fronts of the cabinets, maintaining the kitchen’s sleek simplicity.
  1. Vibrant Backsplashes: While white subway tiles are a common choice, why not add splashes of vibrant blues, greens, or bold patterns? They create a focal point without overwhelming the soothing colour scheme.
  1. Open Wood Shelving: Driftwood-inspired open shelving adds natural texture to the room and provides a space to display tableware collections. The open shelving makes the kitchen appear much bigger than it is.
  1. Warm Metallic Accents: Brass, gold and antique nickel hardware or fixtures add a touch of nautical flair to the overall look. These metallic accents feel coastal yet elegant, complementing the overall aesthetic.
  1. Natural Textures: Jute rugs, rattan pendants, and ceramic stoneware introduce an organic contrast to all the sleek cabinetry and smooth stone surfaces. These natural textures enhance the style of any kitchen design, the Hamptons, in particular.
  1. Muted Colour Schemes: Shades like foggy blue-grey and sage green are in trend now. They also maintain the relaxed essence of the space. Visible wood grain and hand-rubbed finishes add interest to the muted colour palette.
  1. Statement Sinks: Oversized farmhouse sinks in eye-catching colours make subtle yet stylish statements. They provide a unique focal point, replacing standard stainless models with something more bold.
  1. Coastal Artwork: Adding large statement artwork instantly brings an artsy vibe to the space. Beach driftwood frames complement this seaside look beautifully.
  1. Subway Tile Shifting: While white subway tiles are a classic choice, getting creative with their layout can refresh the look. They can be laid vertically, in a herringbone pattern, or framed by contrasting colours. Experimenting with subway tiles adds visual interest and modernises the space.

Hire a Professional Designer for Your Kitchen

While the Hampton style might seem simple, achieving the perfect balance of elements requires expertise. Hiring a professional designer, like KIND Kitchens, ensures that your kitchen suits your specific needs and lifestyle. Their team of experts will guide you through every step, from conceptualisation to installation. Moreover, they also offer quality manufacturing, hassle-free delivery and customised kitchen designs across Melbourne, Australia. So if you’re into Hampton kitchen designs, they come highly recommended. You should contact them today and get a personalised cooking space for your home.