Artistic Bedroom Design With 3D Art Decoration For Teen

Artistic bedroom design
© I Am Home Studio – Teenagers have different tastes regarding the design of the comfortable bedroom. Artistic bedroom design with modern furniture is a great choice for your teenage bedroom. It will be very confusing for the parents while choosing the design that can fit with them. But, some designer suggests choosing an artistic style for making a cozy space for teens. You know why? Because art is very free but still beautiful. Teenagers would be like freedom and beautiful thing rather than formal design that can make them bored.

have you prepared a suitable bedroom design for your teenage? Or you still confused about what they might prefer? Do not worry about this problem. We would like to share I Am Home Studio’s design that might be your references while creating the teenage bedroom.

Some research says that the children who undergoing puberty into adolescence would be very sensitive and like the abstract thing. Putting some art decoration in the bedroom can help them to manage their self to be more creative and imaginative.

Creative bedroom decor for teen
© I Am Home Studio

Modern design with the art decoration might be the cozy bedroom ever. You can put an awesome bed design with the wooden accent that was beautified with the hanging bulb. If you want to make the special space for your teenage you can add it. For example, the designer adds yoga space for relaxation behind the bed. You are a good designer! Ask your children about their hobby, and you can make the special room for exercise and hone their talent.

How to create 3D bedroom design
© I Am Home Studio

3D unicorn decoration can apply for adding different atmosphere rather than the kid’s room that they usually use.

Cool and stylish bedroom decoration
© I Am Home Studio

What a wonderful wall art decoration! Teenagers may need a place to relax and read their favorite book before sleep. You can make a little space with the whimsical art decoration and the unique standing lamp that can suitable for rest. Giving a little rug for storage some books is one of the things that you can do.

Bedroom ideas with whimsical art
© I Am Home Studio

Vintage style furniture is the media that can create modern and stylish atmosphere. You do not need to put the formal furniture with a beautiful detail, it so bored. You can use the marble floor for this artistic bedroom design.

Modern bedroom design with artistic shades
© I Am Home Studio

See how the awesome mirror’s work! It is very helpful for making the room looks more expensive. Wardrobe space is very important while dressing after a bath.

Yoga space at home
© I Am Home Studio

This is an example of yoga space. You can also make a special room for your teenage to complete artistic bedroom design. It is an interesting idea that might be compatible with them.